Top Five: Excessive TD Celebrations- by Dustin Brewer

The 2013-2014 NFL season is officially underway, in honor of the start of the season Dustin takes a look at some of the best touchdown celebrations the league has seen in recent memories.

Touchdown celebrations are one of the best parts of the NFL, we as fans love to see such a blatant unsportsmanlike act because honestly, we would all do exactly the same thing if by some miracle we ever scored a touchdown. This list could easily be dominated by Chad Ochocinco Johnson, and Terrell Owens, two players widely considered as the best at unsportsmanlike and excessive celebrations, however, it wouldn’t be fair to the others who have provided some great celebrations. Without further ado, the Top 5 Excessive Celebrations:

5. Terrell Owens Mocks Ray Lewis-

Terrell Owens often showed little to no regard for how his celebrations were going to be received by who he was playing against (see: scoring on Dallas and then running and posing in the star at center field) but this takes the cake. What do you do when you score a TD on Ray Lewis and the Ravens D? You mock Lewis’ highly publicized pregame warm-up dance to his face. There’s bigger and more elaborate celebrations, many coming from Owens himself, but few are as brilliantly insulting.

4. A Gronk Gronk In London-

Yo Soy Fiesta. Senor Rob Gronkowski is one of the most entertaining and relentlessly likeable players in the NFL. The living embodiment of everyone’s stereotype of a jock, Gronk makes no secrets that he’s just having a great time and this celebration is no different. Is it insanely disrespectful that he’d spike that ball in the defender’s face like that? YES! But that’s what makes Gronk great, it’s less likely that he meant to rub it in, as he was just like “Dude, I’m in London. Gronk must walk funny and spike football.”

3. Brandon “Josephine” Jacobs-

Touchdown celebrations are always better when it’s the opposing team scoring in their opponent’s stadium. The upset crowd is a staple of a good excessive celebration dance. Case in point: former Giants RB Brandon Jacobs’ celebration against the Saints. He runs through poor Roman Harper like he was a wet paper doll and then dances the Josephine. Look at who he’s dancing for though. He’s certainly not celebrating, he’s flashing his triumph squarely in the faces of his opponents and no one; not his teammates, not the refs, can stop him from mocking the Saints.

2. Joe Horn’s Important Phone Call-

Former Saints WR Joe Horn took using props in celebrations to a staggering new high in 2008 against the Giants. After scoring, Horn immediately ran to the goal post where he had previously hidden a cell phone. He then called his kids to celebrate the TD. This was actually the straw that broke the NFL’s back when it came to celebrations, they began cracking down and assessing fines and penalties, forever changing TD celebrations.

1. Steve Johnson Destroys the Jets-

Offending your opponent is an essential part of all sports. No one understands this more than Bills WR Stevie Johnson, who dropped the greatest, most offensive celebration in 2011. After scoring, Johnson mimes shooting himself in the leg, mocking then-Jets receiver Plaxico Burress for his infamous night club incident. It doesn’t end there though, oh no, Stevie then mimics a plane flying around, as Jets WR Santonio Holmes does to celebrate, only to then fall to the turf like he’s crashed. So you’ve got fake gunshot wound leading into fake plane crash, I don’t think there’s a yardage you could get flagged that’d be enough to take the sting away from Jets fans, and I’m okay with that.

Bonus: The Best of Ocho and T.O.

For some reason finding the individual celebrations of T.O. and Ochocinco was near impossible. So here now for your viewing pleasure, is a mash up of all their best celebrations.

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