Thursday Night Football: New York Jets @ New England Patriots- by HefferBrew

The guys give you their picks for Thursday’s kickoff to Week 2 of the new NFL season between the Patriots and the Jets.

Last week, rookie Jets QB Geno Smith got the start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ended with one of the most improbable wins we’re likely to see this year. Yesterday word broke that QB Mark Sanchez, who’s competing with Smith for the starting job, is likely to have season-ending surgery on his torn rotator cuff though that has yet to be confirmed. Now, with the team firmly placed on Geno Smith’s shoulders, they head to Foxboro to take on another injury-plagued team; the New England Patriots.

Dustin: New England Patriots. Last week both the Patriots and the Jets won their games on unlikely field goals as time expired. I don’t think the game will be that down to the wire this week. Tom Brady showed us that he can win games with anyone at receiver as the Patriots debuted their new receiving corps and after that game, we were told that RB Shane Vereen would be placed on IR for a broken wrist and be sidelined at least until Week 11 and WR Danny Amendola, the replacement for Wes Welker, would almost certainly miss this game with a groin injury. Brady will be tasked now with picking apart a defense that stuffed and shut down Tampa Bay last week so don’t expect this to be a one-sided Patriots blow-out, but look for the Patriots defense to prove to be the difference against the inexperienced Geno Smith. Patriots 24, Jets 14. 

Gavin: New York Jets. Jets win. Winslow Jr is MVP, 1 TD with 100+ yards. 2 INT by Geno. 1 INT by Brady. Bilal Powell rushing TD. Santonio Holmes gets a TD, 50ish yards. Julian Edelman has 1 TD, other is a rush and last is a pot shot to whatever TE Brady has left. Jets are HUNGRY right now. Literally everyone is needing to prove themselves this week, staff included. The Patriots will take a defeat in Week 2 with 3rd string people in, because later in the season they will have Gronk and Danny back. Jets 24, Patriots 21.

Cameron:  Let’s start this by saying, “is Gavin trying to be Vicki Vallencourt here?

And, New England Patriots for the win. Why, after both these teams having a poor showing, in wins no less, would I go with the one who preformed like garbage against a lesser than opponent, in the Bills? Well, because the Jets got lucky on a penalty, and let’s face it, the Jets are as good at football as any of us could be at football. Literally, you, sitting and reading right now, you would probably be better at a skill position in the NFL than half the Jets roster. The Patriots certainly aren’t going to make the Jets the team they bend over for either. Patriots 35, Jets 13.

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