NFL News and Notes (Updated)- by Dustin Brewer

Trent Richardson is a Colt, Ed Reed’s return to Baltimore, T.O’s Kenny Powers impression and more top stories heading into this weekend of NFL action.

1. The Cleveland Browns Are At It Again- On Wednesday the Browns shocked the sports world by trading RB Trent Richardson, a former 3rd overall draft pick, to the Colts for their 2014 first round draft pick. The Browns have spent the rest of the week maintaining that the trade wasn’t a signal that they’re already giving up on the season (they are 0-2) or on QB Brandon Wheedon (they are.) The Browns have stockpiled a nice collection of picks for 2014 so hopefully for Browns fans things will start looking up, if not, at least they’re already used to the disappointment.

2. Ed Reed Is Coming Back to Baltimore- After missing the first two games with a hip injury, new Houston Texans’ safety Ed Reed will be returning to Baltimore to take on the Ravens after a decade of playing for them, including last year’s Super Bowl win. Don’t expect Reed to go easy on his former team though, Ravens RB Ray Rice is questionable to play with a hip injury which could force Flacco to try and win the game on his arm, creating tons of opportunities for the opportunistic Texans D and ball hawk Reed.

3. Terrell F’n Owens- It’s no secret that WR Terrell Owens wants to play for the New England Patriots. He’s been very vocal on Twitter and in interviews that he believes the injury plagued Patriots could benefit greatly from his services. However, taking a page out of Kenny Powers’ book, Owens has posted a video of his workouts to show that he’s still in game-shape. The Patriots have remained quiet on if they’d actually entertain signing Owens, but with a banged up receiving corps, picking up Owens for the vet minimum could give Tom Brady the weapon to stretch the field that the Patriots have been lacking thus far.

Editor’s note: Prior to knowing that Dustin was going to post this, this editor (Cameron) found out info he forgot to relay to the Brew. Terrell Owens can be personally reached at 1-855-OWENS81. Literally, on his Twitter, in the top right corner it says, “for appearances, call 1-855-OWENS81.” Like he’s a fucking birthday clown ladies and gentleman. There’s no way the Patriots are going to sign a birthday clown.

We didn’t call the number, but we can imagine his price isn’t too high. Seeing as beggars can’t be choosers. He’s probably somewhere between the “hey, if there’s free appetizers I’ll do it,” phase. Or, the $300 and a ride, part of his career.

4. 49ers’ Aldon Smith Arrested- All-Pro linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of DUI and possession of marijuana after he was involved in a single car crash in San Jose. Smith is out of jail after he posted $5,250 bail but his status for Sunday’s game against the Colts remains uncertain. This isn’t the first time Smith has been in trouble with the law; in Jan 2012 he was arrested in Miami for DUI (though the charges were reduced), in June 2012 he was stabbed during a party at his house and earlier this month he was named in a lawsuit by a man who said he was shot during a party at Smith’s house. The 49ers have quite a talent in Smith but it does seem the off field antics are piling up.

5. Some Fun on Monday- Let’s play a little game for this Monday’s game where the Raiders travel to Denver to play the Broncos. Which number will be greater; (editor’s note: let’s see if Gavin is paying attention) Peyton Manning’s TD passes or Terrelle Pryor’s INTs? I’m saying 5 TDs for Manning and 3 picks for Pryor. Print out a game card and play along at home Monday night.

I’ll leave you now with the full Terrell Owens workout video, would you sign him?

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