NFL Week Four Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em – by HefferBrew

Dustin and Gavin are back again with more fantasy advice to keep your team standing at the top instead of dwelling in the lowly cellar.

This has been one of the oddest starts to an NFL season in recent memory, the Packers are 1-2 coming off a loss at the hands of the lowly Bengals. Eli, RG3 and Big Ben are all still searching for their first wins of the season.

We’ve already had some breakout fantasy football performances too and we’re here to help you make all the tough decisions for your hopefully juggernaut of a team.

Week 4 Start ’em and Sit ’em


Start ’em:

1. Robert Griffin III- Bobby 3 Sticks has had a well-documented rough start to his season, coming off ACL surgery it’s no surprise he’s been rusty, but just how bad the Redskins have been is a shock. Sitting at 0-3 it seems like this season may already be a bust. However, there’s hope yet for this team starting Week 4, this week the Redskins travel to Oakland to play the hapless Raiders. Coming off a drubbing by the Broncos on Monday night, the Raiders D looks lost and the offense has a porous O-Line that’s prevented them from sustaining any offense. Just what the fantasy doctors ordered. Expect RG3 and the Redskins to right the ship this week with a solid scoring output and at least 3 TDs for RG3.

2. Phillip Rivers- The Chargers season has been a mixed bag of success so far and this week they play host a hot Dallas team. Defensively, Dallas has been much improved, ranking 13th in the NFL, that shouldn’t deter you from starting Rivers though. The Chargers run game has been virtually non-existent so expect Rivers to have to try to win this one with his arm. 350 yards and 2 TDs is not out of the realm of possibility.

3. Carson Palmer- This week’s Longshot Special has the 1-2 Cardinals taking on the 0-3  Buccaneers. The Bucs have been an all-around hot mess this season with a passing defense ranked 31st in the league (hint: there’s 32 teams.) Carson Palmer is not afraid to play some huck it chuck it football and Larry Fitzgerald is reinvigorated with a QB that can throw further than 30 yards. The game won’t be pretty but Carson should rack up plenty of points.

Sit ‘Em:

1. Eli Manning – At 0-3 on the season, and with zero self confidence Eli will provide plenty of entertaining pouting faces, but against the mean Chiefs Defense with Poe in the middle, he will be spending a lot of time under pressure. The Giants also have zero run game, so The Chiefs seem to have them beat already.

2. Michael Vick – Broncos. Do we really need to say more?

3. Josh Freeman – He’s been completely ineffective and is clearly showing a disconnect with his offense. Muscle Hampster hasn’t been cracking off runs to make defenses give up the pass and the Cardinals are going to take advantage of the weaknesses here.


Start ’em:

1. Alfred Morris – Once again, the Redskins get the Raiders this week which should be medicine for the entire team. Morris should be able to crack over 100 yards rushing and at least one TD.

2. Giovanni Bernard- Emerging more and more each week, Bernard should have another notable game going against the Browns. Last week, Adrian Peterson put up 88 yards and a TD but did also fumble. Bernard obviously isn’t the runner AP is but he should still put up at least 75 total yards and a TD.

3. Trent Richardson- On his first carry with the Colts after that shocking Browns trade, Richardson scored a TD. With his first full week with the team under his belt, his role should be expanded even more and coming off a shocking win over the 49ers, the Colts head to Jacksonville and let’s face it, the Jaguars fans have given up on this season so much already, they’ll be cheering for the Colts to blow them out for a better draft pick.

Sit ’em:

1. Chris Johnson- It’s time to admit what we’ve been trying to ignore so far this season; the Jets look pretty good. Their run defense is much improved and last week they shut the Bills run game down except for one big break from Fred Jackson. CJ2K has had a good start to his season, as have the surprising Titans all around, but this week look for an alternative as Johnson will have his work cut out for him.

2. Arian Foster- Not to discredit Foster as an athlete or a runner but this Seahawks D is downright terrifying to all who come before it.

3. Reggie Bush- Word has it that Bush could have started in week 3 against the Redskins, but Lions coaches played it safe (smart?) with Joique Bell instead. Reggie is a fragile back, and the Bears are looking to leave the Lions throwing often and early.


Start ’em:

1. AJ Green- His production has been down in a bit the last two weeks but a favorable matchup against the Browns should bring back results similar to Week 1, Not even Joe Haden can stop the Green Machine.

2. Stevie Johnson – The Bills WR has been reliable so far with a knack for finding the end-zone (even coming up with a 2 pt conversion catch as well.) QB EJ Manuel may struggle against the Ravens D that looked more like what we’ve come to expect from them last week against the Texans but expect Johnson to be his go-to target regardless of if he struggles or not.

3. TY Hilton- He’s  clearly a favorite target of Andrew Luck and this week he’s got a very favorable matchup against the Jaguars. Luck will probably be able to spread the wealth around a lot but expect Hilton to receive the lions’ share.

Sit ’em: 

1. DeSean Jackson- The Eagles will present a challenge the Broncos have yet to see this coming week but all signs point to Denver being more than ready for it. Their D has been outstanding even without pass rushing from Von Miller and CB Champ Bailey. Vick struggled last week against a stout Chiefs D and the road is only getting tougher for him on the road in Mile High Stadium. Expect every Eagle to see their numbers drop this week.

2. Mike Wallace- Already disgruntled by his role (or lack thereof) with the team, Wallace will go against a rejuvenated Saints D that has proven to actually be the team’s strength so far this year.

3. Greg Jennings- To say Jennings has had a disappointing year so far would be an insult to the word disappointing. It could be a favorable matchup as the Steelers D has looked old all season but with his inconsistency and Christian Ponder’s shaky play at QB, keep him stored on the bench for now.


Start ’em:

1. Heath Miller- Back with the team after missing the first two games of the year, Heath Miller will go against a Vikings D that just got eaten alive to the tune of 3 TDs for rookie TE Jordan Cameron. Miller probably won’t have that much success but he should be a primary target for Big Ben.

2. Martellus Bennett- The Bears TE has displayed a fantastic chemistry early on with QB Jay Cutler and the Lions defense can sometimes be spotty at best. With the amount of targets Bennett should see, there’s bound to be productivity there for him.

3. Jimmy Graham- Drew Brees’ favorite target had himself another monster game last week with 2 TDs and over 100 yards. The Dolphins D has looked strong at times but the Saints offense is still one of the elite offenses in the league and Graham is one of the top options. Look for them to push the Dolphins D to the limit Monday night.

Sit ’em

1. Jordan Cameron- The hot waiver wire pickup this week will see a stiff Bengals D that just shut down the Packers and knocked their TE Jermichael Finley out with a concussion. Don’t expect the 3 TD success Cameron had last week to be duplicated.

2. Vernon Davis/Rob Gronkowski- Both are currently battling the injury bug so keep a close eye on them. Both are also game time decisions but if they can go, they instantly add a massive weapon for their team to go to. Sit ’em for now until word comes out on their status.

3. Dallas Clark – He is the Raven most likely to fail, and in his efforts to fill in for Dennis Pitta has come up small for the most part. The Ravens offense has operated at a snails’ pace at times and the Bills DEs are athletic enough that Clark should see another frustrating day.


Start ’em:

1. Bengals- Brian Hoyer played hero last week leading Cleveland to a shocking win over the Vikings but the Bengals proved their worth on D, picking off Aaron Rodgers twice and returning a fumble to the house. Their pass rush will be way more effective than the Vikes and fans will get the Hoyer (or Wheedon if he plays) game they deserve.

2. Chiefs – They are on to something in Kansas City, and they are going to make the Giants O-line look bad with Big ‘ol Poe in at nose tackle. Look for them to continue the high scoring defense trend.

3. Colts – Again, they draw the comically bad Jaguars. The Colts D should render the Jaguars offensively impotent. Using our HefferBrew Football Time Machine, we give you: what the Colts/Jags game will look like this Sunday.

Sit ’em:

1. Lions – Da Bears are going to do some painful things to the Lions secondary. You want no part of it.

2. Dolphins – On the road against the Saints is going to cause nothing but woes for the Fins. Plus, Brees is getting all sorts of time in the pocket, he rarely makes mistakes and he’s showing mobility evading tackles to extend the play. All around the Dolphins D will struggle to get points.

3. Texans- The Seahawks are the big bully on the block right now, playing a lot like the 49ers did the last few years. The Ravens just beat up the Texans and now Houston has the Seahawks on their hands. Russell Wilson is a young, mobile QB and will add dimensions that will hurt the Texans. Again, we look in our Football Time Machine and give you the Texans D this Sunday.

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