NFL Week 5 Fantasy Football Start ’em or Sit ’em- by HefferBrew

It’s been a bizarre season so far in the NFL with unlikely stars stepping up to shine. We’re back to help you keep tabs on all your fantasy favorites as well as the best unlikely bets to stand out this in Week 5.

Who saw this coming? Cleveland has fired off 2 straight impressive wins, the Redskins and Vikings finally got their first wins while the Steelers and Giants remained winless. Where do we go from here? Let’s dive in to this week’s start ’em sit ’em.


Start ’em:

Brian Hoyer- Yep, even we here at HefferBrew are feeling Hoyer fever. Headed into a Thursday night game with a Jekyll and Hyde Bills defense gives Hoyer another chance to shine on a national spotlight. The Browns running game is still in pretty big question which will open even more opportunities up for Hoyer, Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon to move up and down the field.

Tony Romo- Cameron’s got a feeling the Cowboys will present the first big challenge the Denver Broncos will face and that this game will be a shootout. Playing in Dallas should give the team a boost and the talented Dallas receivers’, bolstered by the freakish Dez Bryant, could rival Denver’s video-game like weapons.

Tom Brady- At this point, Brady could be throwing to a Halloween skeleton decoration and an open refrigerator and still find ways to win games. Throw in a Bengals D still licking their wounds off a huge letdown against Brian Hoyer and the Browns and all the potential is there for another Brady clinic.

Terrelle Pryor- If Pryor is healthy enough to start for the Raiders then he’s healthy enough to start for you. With Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece both banged up, the running game may fall fully on Pryor’s shoulders. The Chargers seem to have a penchant for shootouts as well with large stretches of defensive ineptitude. If the Chargers challenge the Raiders to match them point for point, Pryor should have a hand in almost every Oakland point.

Eli Manning- If you haven’t dropped sad Eli yet in your league, this could be the week to give him the start. The Eagles started the season hot and have quickly dwindled into the same disappointing crew of talent they’ve been the last few years. Eli can throw interceptions in his sleep, that much is sure, but if you’re looking at a plug and play for a BYE week scenario, this could be the week the younger Manning finally plucks his head out of the sand.

Sit ’em: 

Andrew Luck- The Colts have been one of the most consistent teams, delivering a strong performance against the 49ers and heading into a match with the Seahawks fresh off a dismantling of the cellar-dwelling, hapless Jaguars. Don’t expect this to be as prolific a display of offense though. Both teams play hard nosed defense and take advantage of even the slightest mistakes. A 13-7 final score is not hard to imagine.

Russell Wilson- See above. Same thing applies here.

Matthew Stafford- Facing a 2-2 Packers team coming off a BYE week in Green Bay is an unenviable spot for Stafford and the Lions. It’s no secret that Stafford will huck it at least 40 times a game but if the offensive line for the Lions doesn’t hold up, the Green Bay pass rush could give Stafford fits all day.

Jay Cutler- Cutler had a hot start to the season but last weekend against a surprisingly strong Lions D had 3 INT. The Saints this year have enjoyed having Sean Peyton back with the team but perhaps more beneficial has been Rob Ryan and his impact on the Saints D. Their much improved D should frustrate Cutler and throw him off his game early.


Start ’em:

Giovani Bernard – The Bengals are struggling to identify a running game, but Gio has the clear edge in production over Ben-Jarvis Green-Elis. New England is going to be without Vince Wilfork for the rest of this season, which leaves some space on the defensive line for the running game to shine.

Bilal Powell – A developing dual threat back, that is able to do work between the tackles as well as having good hands in the backfield make him valuable to the Jets as they travel to take on the banged up Falcons run defense for Monday Night Football.

Reggie Bush – The Lions take on the Packers in week 5, and Reggie is going to have a busy day. If Calvin Johnson has any hope of making a play, it will come from Reggie keeping Green Bay’s defense honest and scared.

Eddie Lacy – After a nice rest he will be looking to cement his status as the starting running back for Green Bay, while Aaron Rogers is not in need of a running distraction to keep his offense going, the Lions are ranked 21st against the run and will have their hands full with the Green Bay offense in general.

Trent Richardson – After much deliberation, Trent gets the 5th spot here. With a couple weeks of practice under his belt with his new offense and a big game at home, Trent and the Colts are going to be a challenge for the Seahawks on the road. Look for Trent to establish his worth, after the Colts spent a First Round draft pick to acquire him from the Browns.

– Honorable Mention: Danny Woodhead.

Sit ‘Em:

Jamaal Charles – In what will surely be the low scoring match-up of the day due to a defensive showcase by both teams, this could be a great time to go for another one of out starters.

C.J. Spiller / Fred Jackson – Fred is injured and C.J. is averaging a horrible YPC and can’t seem to get going. The Cleveland Browns are seemingly legit so far, as much as it hurts our resident Bills fans we have to agree.

Jacquizz Rodgers / Jason Snelling – Against a solid Jets defense, this tag team will be deflated early, leaving Matt Ryan throwing often. Rex Ryan is making magic happen on the defensive side of the ball and is surely prepared for both backs.

DeMarco Murray – The Broncos are not going to make his life easy, and as the Cowboys surely play from behind – causing their run game to suffer early.

Chris Johnson – CJ2K is just hoping to be CJ1K at this point. Remember to hold your breath just before you hit the water. Never let go.

Wide Receivers:

Start ‘Em

Victor Cruz – As the only person on the Giants team that can catch a ball, he has managed to put up solid number as the rest of his team struggles to do pretty much anything. feel good about starting him no matter what the rest of the team does.

DeSean Jackson – After a down performance against the Broncos, as expected, DeSean will more than likely come together in a big way against the the 19th ranked pass defense. The Giants have allowed no less than 30 points in every game this season. Since week one, philly has looked like garbage; as the Giants have too. One of these teams is going to turn it around, but neither will play defense.

Kenbrell Thompkins – Brady and Kendrell look to be on the same page. This is wonderous news for Brady owners, and even better news for the select few Pats fans who have been banking on Thompkins; mainly because they’re homers and that’s what homers do.

Any Denver Receiver – Literally any. Is there one sitting on your free agency wire? There is? Well go get that fucker. Evil Manning is spreading the love and jacking up the score. No matter how good, or shitty the team. Manning looks to get everyone involved.

Josh Gordon – Brian Hoyer is a football savant. He doesn’t know how to do anything but football. Josh Gordon, is the man on the receiving end of this Rain Man of football tandem. Also, they’re playing on a short week against a Bills team that’s 22nd in pass defense and just blew their load on a Ravens game, they really didn’t need to win.

Sit ‘Em

Nate Washington – Although he’s now had back-to-back 100+ yards games, he is now receiving the ball from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick can’t throw the ball past 15 yards, I would know, I’m a Bills fan, and once watched Ryan, live, against the Chargers and I can personally tell you, he has the arm of a newborn infant. Without arms. Oh, and their playing the Chiefs, who are legit.

Tayvon Austin – The Rams suck. Sam Bradford sucks. They play the Jaguars, who suck. But, the Rams may suck just as much. Is it a trap game if both teams suck? Either way, this Rams/Jags game will end 13-9. There will probably be a defensive touchdown.

Any Seahawks receiver – I don’t know who Russell Wilson is throwing to and neither does Russell Wilson. Golden Tate, Sidney Rice and Doug Baldwin have combined for 34 receptions and three touchdowns. Two of those TDs, by Rice, were in one game. None of these are viable options. Especially against a Colts defense that has looked semi-legit the last two weeks.

Steve Smith – The old guard in the Panthers receiving core is supposedly banged up, but coming off a BYE week, means he’s a little more healed. doesn’t matter though, he faces a Cardinals team that has a lock-down corner and safety to shut out the 34-year-old. Look for Ted Ginn Jr. to continue his deep threat success with Newton though.

Stevie Johnson – The Bills will be embarrassed, on live television, by the team that was supposed to be the embarrassment of the League to begin the season. Stevie Johnson being blanketed by Joe Haden will help nothing in what will most likely be a humbling experience for Bills fans.

Tight Ends:

Start ‘Em

Jimmy Graham – If you have him you start him, every week. Even his BYE (he’ll get points, don’t worry). We clear? Good.

Rob Gronkowski – He’s bound to be back this week, right? If not…

Brett Myers – Philly is an undersized defense that let the likes of Julias Thomas, Antonio Gates and a litany of other tight ends run all over them. I personally don’t know how the Eagles/Giants game will go. I do know however, that both teams will be looking to score. Seeing as neither has been doing much of that recently.

Zach Miller – Remember how I said, “no Seattle Receivers” ? Well Miller is a tight end. Yes, it’s semantics. Wilson will have to throw to someone though, when his less than mediocre receiving core can’t pull through.

Jason Witten – Although he is slow, and old, Witten, the Eagles found some serious play with Brent Celek on Sunday. Play, that Witten could repeat. The Broncos are undersized at linebacker; with the remaining two games on Von Miller’s suspension, and the loss of Elvis Duemervil in free agency. They’ve been lacking at LB all season. But, with a football god at QB and three little receiving horses, you’re good.

Sit ‘Em

Charles Clay – Just a gut call here. Nothing more.

Rob Gronkowski – Again, when the hell is this guy coming back? Who the fuck knows.

Colby Fleener – He’s been getting dick ridden by most pundits, and it hasn’t panned out. This is the week when you should give up.

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