NFL Week 6 Fantasy Football Start ’em or Sit ’em- by HefferBrew

Week Six is upon us, and if you have been following along with us over the past few weeks – you are undoubtedly ready for some more projections from HefferBrew to grant you entry to the Fantasy Football Circle of Winners.

Last week we brought you some pretty good projections, with the exception of the very unfortunate break to Brian Hoyer – see, look how we did.


Start ’em:

– Tony Romo– After a record setting effort during a loss to the Denver Broncos, Tony showed why he is a franchise quarterback. Sure, they lost to the Broncos, but they easily put up the hardest challenge Peyton and the Ponies have had to deal with this season. Romo threw for over 500 yards and 5 touchdowns and if you paid attention to us last week and started him – you were not let down. Week Six holds a matchup against the Washington Redskins and possibly one of the leakiest defenses in the league this year. Start him with confidence.

– Andrew Luck- Okay sure; we said sit him last week and it did bite us in the ass but we wont be making that mistake again. In a tasty Week Six matchup against the San Diego Chargers Andrew Luck will look to continue his sophomore season (and make his Monday Night Football debut) in style. He has no shortage of weapons and with Donald Brown and Trent Richardson on the ground the Chargers will be scrambling to contain anyone.

– Jay Cutler- He keeps getting tossed aside in most QB rankings but the guy scores points. He has plenty of weapons and is never scared to throw the deep and let his playmakers do the work. Against the struggling Giants, Cutler is lined up for another 20+ point day.

– Terrelle Pryor- Gavin could not resist his favorite homer pick. We all have them but Pryor can actually make plays and put up solid points. The Chiefs defense is not to be messed around with but they also have not faced a dual threat QB like Pryor this year (Week 3 vs an old and gimpy Michael Vick is hardly a dual threat.) Pryor is developing more and more chemistry with his receiving core and that will surely come into play when opposing defenses are worried about keeping him in the pocket.

Sit ‘Em:

– Eli Manning- We have zero faith in Eli Manning at the moment. Yes, it is just a matter of time before he has that perfect game but predicting when it will happen is not worth worrying over when chances are that your waiver wire holds a 20 point QB this week. If you haven’t had already, dropping Hobo Michael Phelps wouldn’t be a bad move.

– Tom Brady- It’s hard to believe what was just typed, but hear us out – the Bengals shut him down, Amendola or not it didn’t help Tom against a solid defense. Week Six brings a red hot Saints team to town and maybe Gronk comes back this week, but he is no Jimmy Graham. He will be rusty and much like Amendola he will show the rust in the first game back. The Saints are on fire, Sean Peyton is back and Drew Brees looks like a guy with nothing but the Super Bowl on his mind. Tom looks stressed, and has been showing his fare share of “Eli Face” this season. Wait for the rest of the pieces to shake off the rust.

-Matt Schaub– Four (count them: FOUR) consecutive games with a pick-six has put Matt Schaub in the history books for all the wrong reasons. The Texans have the good fortune of a home game against the struggling Rams but should Schaub’s inconsistency rear its’ head again, he may find himself on the bench in favor of TJ Yates.

– Colin Kaepernick- The 49ers have begun to resemble the team we all expected to see at the start of the season but Kaep’n Crunch has still looked off. Kaepernick has scored single-digit fantasy points in three games this season and the Cardinals D is coming off a stifling of another athletic and mobile QB; Cam Newton.


Start ’em:

– Alfred Morris- We aren’t saying the Redskins will win in Week Six against the Cowboys but we are saying Alfred Morris will have a good game. Coming off a BYE week he will be well rested and looking to assert his status as a top RB pick this season.

– Doug Martin- Coming off a Bye week and a matchup against Philly’s spongy run defense means the Muscle Hamster can produce some solid numbers and reassure his owners of his value. Start him with pride.

– Arian Foster- The Texans take on the Rams this week, who are quickly becoming the “other Jaguars” of the NFL. If there was ever a week that Foster needed a puffy matchup this is it. Add in Schaub’s struggles and Foster is easily looking at potentially half the total touches on offense.

– Willis McGahee- Smart enough to claim him but left him on your bench last weekend? Fear not, this week Willis continues his comeback trail with a home game against a Lions D that just gave up almost 100 yards to Eddie Lacy. With Brian Hoyer lost for the year (gone but never forgotten in Cleveland fans’ hearts) and Brandon Weeden (can you hear the fans’ screams?) back, the run game may be all they’ve got.

Sit ’em:

– C.J. Spiller- He has been working through an injury and sharing most of his caries with Fred Jackson, who has been much more productive out of the backfield and is averaging more YPC and scored than C.J. is. The Bengals D is coming off a great shut out of the Patriots in week 5, and the Bills are in no way the Patriots.

– Maurice Jones-Drew- The crazyness of the Jaguars only gets worse when you realize that MJD is getting shafted for goal line carries. Not that the Jags see the opposing goal line all that often, but when they do – MJD seems to be constantly overlooked.

– Ray Rice- Whoa, now we’re getting crazy here. “But guys, Ray Rice had 70 yards and two touchdowns last weekend!” He did, against a suspect Dolphins D, this week it’s the Packers who just shut down the Lions RB attack of Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. Look for them to try and force Waka Flacco Flame to beat them with his arm by stopping Rice early.

– Reggie Bush- Speaking of Reggie, start him with caution this week if you start him at all. The Cleveland Browns have just spent the last three weeks re-inventing what we thought was a white-flag season and their defense has been a giant part of it. Bush may still be active in the passing game but he’ll face tough opposition on the ground that greatly limits his big-play potential.


Start ’em:

– Josh Gordon- It seems like no matter who happens to be throwing the ball in Cleveland, the receiving core can still make something from nothing. Is it Weeden this week? Campbell? Who cares. Once Josh gets his hands on the ball plays will be made and points will be had.

– Alshon Jeffery- Possibly the most annoying poacher to any Brandon Marshall owner but damn good things to those who own him. They saw an amazing 218 yards and a TD  performance in Week Five. With Brandon taking all of the heat, Alshon is able to abuse one on one coverage and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

– A.J. Green- He’s struggled ever since his hot Week One start but this week should be a return to the endzone and fantasy elite level for the Bengals best receiver. The Bills are absolutely decimated at secondary and couldn’t stop big plays even with a butterfly net and defensive pass interference being legal. If the Bengals O-Line can buy the Red Rifle some time in the pocket, Green will see plenty.

– Terrance Williams- Maybe this is a reach but Williams is sure to be the hot waiver wire pickup of the week after 151 yards and a TD and displayed good chemistry with Tony Romo in place of the injured Miles Austin. With Dez Bryant likely being covered by every CB, DB and possibly this guy, Williams could have serious upside against the Redskins.

– T.Y. Hilton- Five catches for 140 yards and two TDs against arguably the best defense in the league in Seattle has put T.Y. Hilton on the fantasy radar again after almost a month underachieving. Andrew Luck and the Colts machine seem to only be getting better and better and a Monday Night matchup against the win-allergic Chargers should help T.Y. continue to stake his claim as a legit fantasy option.

Sit ’em:

– Victor Cruz- This makes us sad but Eli is possibly just too terrible. The Giants have the worst O-Line in football (arguably), a lack of a solid running game and a Week Six match-up against the Chicago Bears which all spells disaster for anyone on the Giants this week. While Cruz is the player with the most upside for Big Blue, this week doesn’t look to be any better than the last.

– Antonio Brown- Coming off a BYE is nice but the Jets defense is sneaky good this year and they will surely be doing all they can to shut Brown down. That could mean a better day for Heath Miller but Antonio looks like a risky start this week.

– Danny Amendola- The good: he’s back from injury. The bad: he’s got three weeks worth of rust to shake off and chemistry with Tom Brady to build. An amped-up Saints D playing like there’s an illegal bounty system in place it’s 2009 is only going to create more problems for the receiver. Wait another week or two before unleashing him back in your starting lineup.


Start ’em:

– Jordan Cameron- It looks like he will live on the “Start ‘Em” list for the foreseeable future. As with Josh Gordon above, it doesn’t seem to matter who is throwing the ball because once it hits his hands the yard and points will follow closely.

– Jimmy Graham- Again, he could be sitting in a jail cell in Connecticut and still find ways to score touchdowns. This guy is a sick, sick man – and we love to watch him destroy opposing defenses. The Patriots have zero hope of stopping him simply because they don’t have anyone big enough to match up with him. If he breathes, he starts.

– Heath Miller- He’s healthy and just had a nice rest from a Week Five Bye. The Jets defense just gave up tons of yardage to Tony Gonzalez in Week Five and will be draped all over Antonio Brown which should be leaving Heath all alone with single coverage.

– Jason Witten- It’s hard to trust a Cowboy but after how much Romo looked to him against the Broncos, his stock seems to be back at an all-time high. Single coverage should await him all night.

– Brent Celek- Nick Foles starting at QB for the Eagles may spell trouble for the Birds but Celek’s pure size should make him a safety valve should Foles face pressure from the Bucs D. Add in the fact that he scored last week on a pass from Foles and you should have at least 10 points with him.

Sit ’em:

– Dallas Clark- Dennis Pita can’t get healthy fast enough. Taking on Green Bay in Baltimore is going to be a shootout and since Dallas doesn’t know how to catch, he will be largely overlooked.

– Antonio Gates- The Colts D has stepped up week in and week out so far this season with crucial stops and turnovers. Their pass rush has been top-notch as well which spells trouble for Phillip Rivers and all who catch passes from him.

– Brandon Pettigrew- It seems like Butterfingers Pettigrew has had as many drops as he has targets this season. Matthew Stafford seems to have developed a better chemistry with Joseph Fauria which limits Pettigrew’s snaps on the field and potential even more.

– Greg Olson- Cam Newton seems to be cursed to make as many bad plays as he does good ones which greatly limits everyone on the team’s upside that isn’t a RB. The Vikings are coming off their first win in Week Four and a BYE last week hoping to turn their season around, Newton may be scrambling around a lot this weekend which increases the chances for mistakes and incompletions.


Start ’em: 

– Texans- The Texans offense may be a colossal disappointment this year but the D has still been great, with the exception of last week’s mulligan against the 49ers. Just remember, they’re playing Sam Bradford and the Rams who have perfected the turnover and seem to think of pass protection as nothing but a myth.

– Bears- This is a very feast or famine pick but depending on how much faith you have in Eli Manning and the Giants it could be a great one. Eli may finish the season throwing more INTs than TDs (8 TDs to 12 picks thus far) and he’s been sacked more times than poor old Gil. 

– 49ers- Pure athleticism still counts for something and with Carson “Cheetos Fingers” Palmer throwing for the Cardinals, a pick-six for the 49ers could be lurking like a wild Rattatta. Always a threat to have a performance like they did against the Texans (25 fantasy points), the 49ers D remains a must-start.

– Colts- Phillip Rivers is a garbage-time fantasy points king but most of that comes in yardage. He had two INTs in the final five minutes against Oakland and you know what? He didn’t care. He would’ve gone right back out there and hucked it more if the clock didn’t run out. A shaky RB core that all seem to have problems putting the ball on the ground helps an opportunistic Colts D that’s still looking to show how legit they are this year.

Sit ’em: 

– Browns- If Calvin Johnson comes back for the Lions and the Browns successfully shut down the run game, the Lions can still put points up in a hurry with the pass game. Stafford is no stranger to throwing up to 50 times a game and with that high a volume, points will be put up one way or another.

– Ravens- The Packers came out of the BYE week and looked like the Packers again that can strike with a big play at any possible minute. This won’t be a defensive showcase by any means.

– Giants- If they have a Giants logo on the helmet, they can stay on your bench or in free agency until further notice. Their defense is miles away from the elite defense of yesteryear and their pass rush is severely lacking. Yes, Cutler makes mistakes (when you play huck it chuck it football, it’s bound to happen) but the big play potential and the lackadaisical effort through five games thus far should have you staying as far away from them as possible.

– Redskins- Did you watch the Cowboys put up 48 points against the Broncos with what looked like extreme ease? You did? That’s about all you need to know on this one.

That’s it for this week and as always, good luck this weekend. Let us know who you have your eye on for a breakout or how if our picks helped you out of a jam here in the comments section or at We leave you now with the hilarious Dodge commercial starring Ron Burgundy himself in case you missed it. 

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