NFL Week 7 Fantasy Football Start ‘em or Sit ‘em- by HefferBrew

Just in time for Week 7, we’re back with the (mostly) great fantasy advice you’ve come to expect from us.

Here at HefferBrew, we are men enough to admit when we are wrong. It’s rare but sometimes it does happen and for those keeping score, our Week 6 tally goes as follows:  We hit 33/42 predictions right on the money. Of the ones we missed, it wasn’t due to a bad game by the player (Tony Romo where his defense just gave him the day off) like Jimmy Graham because who ever would have thought Thug-Life Aquib Talib was going to pull off a monumental stuff like he did- holding Jimmy to 0 points. For a complete look back at Week 6 click right here.

If you are ready, let’s climb into Week 7 and continue the domination of your friends and coworkers with the help of the best kept secret in fantasy projections- HefferBrew is ready to guide you young padawans.

Week 7 Teams on Bye: Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints


Start ’em:

– Ryan Tannehill- A lot of people are on the Anti-Ryan train but coming off a BYE and able to heal and develop more chemistry with his wide receiving core (Mike Wallace mainly) should do Ryan and the Dolphins a lot of good in Week 7. Remember the Dolphins were undefeated and only lost to the Saints early this season. Week 7 against the visiting Bills who are weakened by injuries all around will be a tasty match for any Dolphin on your roster.

– Ben Roethlisberger- Back from the dead this week, Big Ben is coming off his first win of the season and gets to take on the visiting Ravens and their gimpy secondary. With weapons finally clicking like Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders, and solid production coming from Heath Miller, this will be a Huck ’em Chuck ’em Footbawl day.

– Joe Flacco- See: Ben Roethlisberger. Insert Ravens where applicable and insert a bad steelers D. Add Ravens stars (Welcome Back Jacoby!) and hope for more than a Torrey Smith cameo (1 catch for 12 yards last week) = Huck ’em Chuck ’em Footbawl.

– Jay Cutler- He’s playing for a huge contract and so far he is on track to get it. In Week 7 Smokin’ Jay takes on arguably the worst passing defense in the league, the Redskins. Even the Jaguars got a pick-six on Peyton this week.. so start Jay and reap the rewards of the insane weapons all around him.

– Robert Griffin III- Week 6 was pretty ugly. However, he did show that he can run again and is feeling much better physically. If there was ever a week for RG3 to live up to his cool nickname it will be Week 7 against the Bears. It’s not going to be an easy matchup but RG3 has shown that in a do-or-die situation he can come through and rack up points while he does it. If you are a gambler, it’s time to double down.

— Honorable Mention — Eli Manning- Odds say maybe he pulls his head out of his ass this week. If his receiving core can run a route all the way through and he realizes that he shouldn’t throw to the team that doesn’t have NY on the helmet then he could very well carve up the Vikings this week. Or not.

Sit ’em:

– Colin Kaepernick- He’s going up against the Titans Defense. They out Seattled Seattle (even though they lost). We’re sure there is a better plug and play option this week (like Joe Flacco) sitting on your waiver wire.

– Any Buffalo QB (Thad, E.J. or Matt Flynn)- The Dolphins have had a good defense all around this year, and with so many injuries and position changes in Buffalo right now, it’s a bad time to go against a team clicking hard off a Bye week.

– Matt Ryan- Who does he have left to throw it too? Roddy White and Julio Jones are both down and let’s face it- Tony Gonzalez can’t carry the team all by himself granted he will try. But Harry Douglas just isn’t Julio Jones, Tampa pulls off the upset in Georgia.

– Geno Smith- The rookie has been playing pretty good football so far this season and has the Jets a lot better off than most expected. However, the Patriots D just shut down the elite Saints offense in shocking fashion (0 catches for Jimmy Graham). Unfortunately for Geno, the Jets offense is nowhere near as polished or frankly as good as the Saints. It’s going to be a long day for the Jets.

– Cam Newton- Call it crazy with Cam coming off a 30 point fantasy performance against the Vikings but the Rams D has been coming on strong lately. They just put up 29 fantasy points of their own by terrorizing the hapless Houston Texans. If they take Newton out of his rhythm early by shutting down his receivers, Newton may be more famine than feast this weekend.


Start ’em:

– Chris Johnson- CJ2K has had a terrible season so far and the Titans are in QB hell right now, but they’re trying to take the Jamaal Charles approach i.e. dink little passes to CJ when thing go south (and they do all the time). More passes, more touches and more chances to take it to the house. The 49ers haven’t been the meanest defense, so don’t fall victim to the hype. (Editor’s note: We’re going to label this a special Gavin only prediction here. The 49ers D just knocked the Cheetos dust off Carson Palmer’s hands and a few weeks back absolutely decimated the hapless Texans before they were even the hapless Texans.)

– Ray Rice- It’s been a roller-coaster season for Ray so far but the Steelers could be the remedy he has been looking for. Ray is active in the passing game as well as the stud back in Baltimore so he will see plenty of chances to score and rack up dual yardage.

– Adrian Petersen- It’s strange to have to type this, but AP hasn’t quite been the running God he was supposed to be this season. He has had some huge days but he also has a few flops. Luckily for him, the Giants are terrible against the run, and pass and everything. Expect the AP train to run all over New York.

– Matt Forte- As we’ve said; the Bears should be able to pass all over the Redskins and Forte is as active as any RB in the pass game. He’ll get his usual high volume of carries but he’ll also be looking at some prime screen passes should the Redskins play soft D to try and stop the Bears WRs.

– Joseph Randle- Waiver wire pickup alert! DeMarco Murray is out for Week 7 and his status for Week 8 is already in doubt. Randle should be starting for him and played nicely in relief of him against the Redskins. The Eagles D is ranked last in the league which means they give up points and yardage as much as they gain it on offense.

Sit ’em:

– Arian Foster- The Chiefs get to practice against Jamaal Charles every week which should not be fair. It’s like football insider trading. With that said, whoever starts for the Texans at QB this week should plan to spend most of the day looking at the sky and the run game will likely be forgotten early.

– Maurice Jones-Drew- Sadly the Jags can’t get anything going on the run and Mojo Jojo just isn’t the workhorse back they need to have an effect anyway. He’s always playing at a maximum of 80% due to the many injuries he’s sustained and with Justin Blackmon in now the Jaguars are just a “Pass and Pray” offense.

– Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis/Gio Bernard- The Lions D has looked good and the front seven has been one of the most improved in the league. They stifled Cleveland’s run game last weekend and if they can continue to break through o-lines then the Bengals RBs will suffer greatly.

– Trent Richardson- The Colts and the Broncos meet this week in a gigantic clash of Potential Future Manning vs. Actual Manning and the run game for both teams will likely be abandoned. Not to mention, LB Von Miller is returning from suspension ready to bolster the already devastating Broncos D.


Start ‘Em:

– Any Bear that can catch- Washington comes to town, Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall both will be looking at a touchdown. This production wont happen from Jay every week but in this game everyone could be in line for a touchdown via the passing game.

– Hakeem Nicks- He is getting the targets and the yards to be great but isn’t finishing the routes to get the touchdowns he needs. This week can turn that around as the Vikings come to town. Victor Cruz is still the #1 for Big Blue but he will be wearing as many defenders as Minnesota can muster. Coughlin needs to keep his stars happy so expect Ruben Randle to take a back seat this week.

– Mike Wallace- Following his trend, this week we should have the good Mike Wallace and not that bad bitchy Mike Wallace that no one likes. One of the most Jekyll & Hyde receivers in the game should be able to take advantage of the Bills secondary. Complimented by Brian Hartline, this duo should be in for some good numbers this week.

– Kenbrell Thompkins- Did you see his circus game-winning touchdown catch in the last seconds against the Saints? Thompkins will get yet another chance to shine against a Jets secondary that history will show, Tom Brady carves up regardless of who he’s throwing to.

Sit ’em:

– Andre Johnson- The Texans QB problems are now Andre’s problems. Add into the mix a Chiefs D that is out to scalp people and bad things are in store for Andre owners this week.

– Larry Fitzgerald- Larry is always a deep threat but Seattle has taken away almost all deep threats this year due to the hyped up Richard Sherman being able to zip around the field like he was yoked up on Adderal or something. The lesser-known Michael Floyd will see the majority share of targets on this day.

– Josh Gordon- Cleveland rolls in to Lambeau this weekend and the Packers pass rush is going to be looking to frustrate Brandon Weeden all day and pressure him into mistakes early and often. Gordon has had a string of solid games as a #1 option but the Packers just held Torrey Smith to 12 yards on just one catch. They’ll look to continue that trend by shutting down Gordon.

– Wes Welker- Broncos vs Colts is going to be a gigantic shootout and the best shot the Colts have at upsetting Denver is by hoping to take away at least one of the many options Peyton has it his disposal. The size of the two Thomas’ should help create mismatches regardless of the coverage so the Colts will likely try to take away Peyton’s slot receiver. Welker and/or Eric Decker may find themselves with the short end of the stick this week production wise.


Start ’em:

– Jordan Cameron- Don’t lose hope. Jimmy Graham put up a 0 in Week 6, Cameron managed 68 yards still and Green Bay isn’t the best guarding tight ends, especially with Clay Mathews out. They will also have their hands full stopping Josh Gordon, who makes yard out of thin air. Feel good about starting Jordan here.

– Heath Miller- To say he was missed in the ‘Burgh would be an understatement. His scores are rising and he is getting a great amount of targets from Big Ben. This week he should find the end-zone to go along with his average of at least eight targets.

– Julius Thomas- Peyton Manning loves his TEs and his chemistry with Thomas has been evident since about the first snap of the season. As said before, Thomas has a size advantage on just about every defender he lines up against and should give the Colts fits all day.

– Antonio Gates- Phillip Rivers has been playing pretty well as of late and no one benefits more than Antonio Gates, the receiver Rivers has worked with the longest. The Jaguars couldn’t stop Julius Thomas last week and will be strapped trying to stop the Bolts’ WRs. Gates should see plenty of targets all day long.

– Vernon Davis- Dustin here. This is kind of a no brainer but he just won me my matchup all on his lonesome with a massive 30 fantasy point game against the Cardinals. He’s locked in as a perma-start given Kaepernick’s trust in him and his ability to run routes like a WR with the build of a brick shithouse.

Sit ’em:

– Jimmy Graham- Ha! Gotcha. He’s on a BYE week and we just wanted to make sure you are paying attention.

– Dallas Clark- Do not be fooled by the (awesome one-handed) Week 6 touchdown he got from Joe Flacco. As the great Spider-Man once said “everybody gets one.” If he does it again then maybe but for now avoid the possible fluke.

– Brent Celek- The Cowboys can stand up and be a strong defense (just ask the Redskins) but one thing they are prone to is allowing a big play or two. The Eagles are a team that lives off the big play but unfortunately for Celek, he’s not a big play threat by any means. Nick Foles has been looking his way quite a bit when he’s in so Celek will be make for good but not great potential.

– Jermaine Gresham- Yes he sits first on the depth chart but thus far he’s been largely outplayed by Tyler Eifert. Eifert seems to have a solid report with Andy Dalton and he seems to be where Dalton will look when A.J. Green is triple covered. Gresham will have a day or two but he’s nowhere near a dependable TE.


Were you like Gavin in Week 6 and decided to start the Houston Texans Defense because the Rams are terrible? Ha. Then you’re probably pissed too.

Start ’em:

– Titans- Next to the Chiefs the Titans are probably the best defense in the league. Alterraun Verner is one of the best receivers in the NFL so far this year… he’s a CB by the way. With 5 interceptions, a couple fumble recoveries and a TD to his name already this year the Titans are a force on defense no matter if the offense is struggling.

– Chiefs- They are playing amazing football right now, Dontarie Poe is a beast and like we said earlier; they get to practice against Jamaal Charles every week. That’s a pretty good practice session in anyone’s book. If you own them, start them. If you own the Titans and Chiefs then you are lucky, flip a coin and go.

– Buccaneers- Remember, Matt Ryan’s receiving core is looking like Peter Weller in the opening scene of ‘Robocop.’ Hopefully the Bucs come to play because this is a very favorable matchup as Ryan’s timing with the receivers will be questionable at best.

– Vikings- This could be the week that sad Manning turns it out for Big Blue but let’s not forget; the guy has been a turnover factory this season. Fumbles, interceptions and bad throws are lurking every time he drops back to pass. Even if the Giants get the win, it’s impossible to think they’ll do it without making mistakes.

Sit ’em:

– Texans- Gavin just dropped them. You should too.

– Bills- Miami coming off a BYE and with a home field advantage, this will be ugly for the Bills on all fronts.

– Bengals- They shut down Tom Brady one week and then almost give the game away to a Bills QB named Thad. With Calvin Johnson on the field, even if he doesn’t catch too many passes, the coverage he generates opens the field up for Matthew Stafford that gives the Lions too many openings for points.

– Broncos/Colts- A lot of people are thinking this will become a shootout but if the Colts are going to pull the upset they have to take a page from what the Chargers just did to them; milk the clock and keep Peyton on the sideline. A shootout does nothing for them but favor the Broncos simply because the volume of weapons is greater. This could be a defensive joke or it could be a 15-12 display of field goal prowess. Neither team are prone to mistakes though so the defenses are a shaky start regardless of how the game unfolds.

That does it for Week 7, good luck and as always, let us know how you do in the comments here or on 

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