Is Blake Griffin Good…?

– By David Lopez

Last night the Lakers trounced the Clippers, behind 76 bench points and a barrage of threes. Yes, you read that right. This spawns the question. Is it time to trade Blake Griffin?

I’m a Los Angeles Clipper fan, not a Lob City fan.

In other words, I understand this franchise was saved from the depths of mediocrity, not when a magical bingo ball provided Los Angeles with the first-round pick that became Blake Griffin.

Rather, the Clippers were saved when David Stern, for “basketball reasons,” vetoed a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers.  Once CP3 became a Clipper this franchise really got cooking.

Furthermore, I understand that dunking is cool, but winning is the ultimate.  It’s time for the Clippers to part ways with their high-flying first-rounder and continue to build around the face of their franchise…CP3.

Blake Griffin was an addition to the Clippers that made them exciting, I’m not going to sit here and deny that.  Of course I was thrilled when they got a guy that was a must see talent.

Since he entered the NBA, his averages in every big-man category have dropped.  His Rookie of the Year campaign he averaged 22.5 and even sported a 50-point game that year.  The following he dropped to 20.7 and last season he fell to 18.0 per game.  More disappointing for Griffin is how much his rebounding efficiency has dropped over that same time.  He has dropped from 12.1 his rookie season all the way 8.3 a game last season.  Every major category you’d want to see a big-man improve, he’s regressed.

To be frank, it would all be forgivable if his game had improved a lick, and I’m not talking about his statistics.  Since 2009 Blake Griffin’s post game has matured about as much as my pinkie finger has since I hit puberty.  The man has one post move and it’s a move to his right.  Honestly, right all day get’s old, it’s why I don’t much care for Fox News.  Also, the 15-footer he was developing for the past season and a half is still non-existent.

Editor’s note: He literally has had the same moves for the last three years. He’s the Jason Statham of basketball: he‘s thrilling, does exciting things. No matter what the part he’s the same gravely voice; gruff exterior; ass-whooping machine. Griffin is nothing but jump high and dunk, back down with his right hand, refuse to give even the slightest shoulder shimmy, or any decisive move to shake a defender , attempt to turn right with a defender draped all over him, while doing nothing but go right, and expect the defender to just not defend. It’s easily the most pathetic attempt at a post move I’ve ever seen, and I suffered through Kendrick Perkins as the starting center for the Celtics. Blake Griffin and his dunks were cute. The lack of post moves and inability to take a jump shot without a proper amount of time to set himself (35 seconds at least, which is awful) is pathetic. I loathe watching Blake Griffin now, and he used to be someone who was supposed to “light” up the league. Oh and his free throws. More comparable to a one armed blind midget with scoliosis shot than an actual NBA shot. 

Look at his counter-part in the post DeAndre Jordan.  The dude was drafted a year before Griffin and he was clearly a project.  His rookie year he averaged 14.5 minutes a game playing behind then starter Chris Kaman.   He’s a defensive freak of nature, but the offense has not come as easily as it has for Blake.  Tuesday night gave me reason to smile because the investment in Jordan figures to pay off this year as he opened up the season with a 17-point, 11 rebound, 3 block and 3 steal performance.

I’m not the type to over react after one-loss and say things need to change.  But, Griffin’s play in the post has been in an issue for many years.  Where Jordan has improved, Griffin has stayed stagnant.  What has kept him in the game is his ability to fly.  It’s great to watch, but as we learned last season in the post-season it won’t win you game in a half-court setting.

Blake Griffin holds the keys to the Clippers future. No one wants to admit it, but it’s him in another team’s uniform.   When you think about it, it’s scary to think the amount of draft picks and immediate compensation you could get for him.  I’m afraid the Clippers need to be much more than a high-flying gimmick that Griffin has become in his four seasons in the league. Long story short, if the Clippers trade Griffin they might be able to start putting their own banners up as apposed to covering that other teams 16 title banners.

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