NFL Week 10 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em

– By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

Whether you’re gearing up for a Fantasy Playoff Push or you’re trying to avoid finishing dead last and the laughing stock of your league, HefferBrew is back with Week 10 of the Fantasy Advice you’ve come to know and love.

Week 10 of the NFL Fantasy Football season means some of you are in prime position for a playoff run and maybe others are in a heated league where it’s too close to call with four weeks left before the fantasy playoffs. Not to be forgotten are the ass-draggers, the Jacksonville Jaguars of their leagues, just waiting for the bleeding to stop. Whoever you are you can trust that HefferBrew will be by your side through the thick and thin of it all.

We never falter. We never flounder. We are One. We are Legion. We. Are. HefferBrew.

That was strange. Anyway, here we go with our NFL Week 10 Projections:

Teams on BYE: Chiefs, Jets, Browns, Patriots


Start ‘Em:

– Jake Locker – Hello Jacksonville. It’s a no-brainer.

– Andy Dalton – The Red Rocket takes on a So-So Ravens defense that has been plenty generous to opposing offenses on all fronts. The emergence of Giovani Bernard and Marvin Jones only complicate things for the Ravens who already have to contain A.J. Green.

– Phillip Rivers – Shootout potential right here. The Broncos will be visiting so San Diego will be home and comfortable for this match up. Phillip always has the potential to go for 350+ yards and numerous touchdowns and Denver has a habit of playing soft on the back end.

– Case Keenum – He had 3 TDs, over 320 yards and no INTs against a stout Colts D and almost led the Texans to a huge upset until Andrew Luck went all sorts of clutch in the end. The Cardinals are coming off a BYE but with Keenum being more mobile than Matt Schaub, he should have another consistent game ahead of him.

Sit ‘Em:

– Terrelle Pryor – Taking on a BYE rested Giants who were showing new life before the break, at home in New York. Terrelle is looking to have a long day and will be forced to air it out a lot. Don’t expect a huge day on the ground for him.

– Cam Newton – Cam has been hot fire the last few weeks as he’s pulled the Panthers into the conversation of not only playoff teams, but possibly a contender for the division title. This week will be make or break as he takes on the 49ers off their BYE week. It’s really a 50-50 shot as to how this could go, so if you’re the gambling type, take no shame in rolling with him, but if you’re in playoff contention yourself, it may be wise to try and find another option just in case the 49ers decide to remain dominant. Depending on how he plays, this game could take Cam to perma-start status.

– Matt Ryan – The Seahawks have had a few weeks of slow starts only to eventually perk up and somehow win the game in miraculous fashion. Unfortunately for Ryan and Atlanta, the only thing starting fast for them is their planning for offseason activities. With nobody to throw to, a bust pickup in Steven Jackson and a “Why didn’t they trade me?” Tony Gonzalez, it’s going to be another disappointing day for Atlanta.

– Christian Ponder/Josh Freeman – The Vikings are in complete disarray and still managed to almost upset the Cowboys, however, that was because Adrian Peterson has found the MVP form of last year and put the team on his back. Add to that a Redskins D coming off a goal-line stand on their one-yard line to force OT where they won. Until the Vikings strengthen their WR core (TE Kyle Rudolph may also miss time after suffering an injury against Dallas) and figures out the QB situation, AP is the only fantasy option worth while.


Start ‘Em:

– Keenan Allen – Is it safe to say the kid is no joke? His numbers show that he has great chemistry with his QB and he is a serious threat after the catch as well. Denver will be focusing a lot on Danny Woodhead in this game as well as Antonio Gates, which leaves Keenan with some room to work.

– Terrance Williams – Miles Austin who? This guy is on fire and is a serious compliment to Dez Bryant, easily a top target for Tony Romo and has a knack for getting open at the goal line.

– T.Y. Hilton – No Reggie Wayne? No Problem. T.Y. is just a beast. Andrew Luck is a beast, and they look to be developing something dangerous, not only for this season,but for seasons to come as well.

– Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz – A BYE week can fix a lot. The Raiders are also soft on the road. Oh, and the Giants have no running game, so the passes will be flying.

Sit ‘Em:

– Riley Cooper – He just absolutely dominated the Raiders secondary to the tune of 150+ yards and 3 TDs so it’s likely that he’ll be a hot waiver wire commodity. But the Packers D he’ll be going against is far more crafty and competent than the still-growing Oakland one. The better pass rush in Green Bay will also make sure that Nick Foles doesn’t have the time to throw for 7 TDs ever again.

– Cecil Shorts III – He’s all the Jaguars have left to throw to. It could be enticing just because of sheer volume but consider this; all the Titans D has to do is stop him to win the game. Chad Blaine Gabbert Henne is not competent enough to make tough throws and do you really think Maurice Jones Drew is going to destroy the Titans in the run game? Stop Cecil, Dance to Victory.

– Rueben Randle – From the words of Raiders fan Gavin: “The Raiders are weird enough on defense that they’ll probably just shut him down and let Cruz and Nicks go wild.” Can’t argue with that.

– Steve Smith/Brandon LaFell – They’re the hottest team in the NFL that isn’t the unbeaten Chiefs with Cam Newton able and relying on his legs, the upside for the WR core is pretty up in the air from week to week which is unacceptable in a fantasy playoff push.


Start ’em: 

– Chris Johnson – He eclipsed 100 yards for the first time this season last week against the Rams and for his encore he gets the hapless Jaguars. CJ2K has not been the model of consistency this year but he seems to be coming on strong at the perfect time.

– Zac Stacy – It’s a little early to say he’s the second coming of Marshal Faulk for the Rams but 160 combined yards and 2 TDS against the Titans certainly got the attention broader than just in St. Louis. Going against the Colts it’ll be hard for him to duplicate that success, but his hard running style and volume of carries should help him turn in solid numbers.

– Alfred Morris – With less than 20 touches a game Morris has still managed to put up workhorse type numbers; at least 80 yards in four of his last five games and three TDs in the same span. Running behind a strong O-Line that should have the Vikes on their heels most of the game will help Morris pad his already impressive fantasy resume.

– CJ Spiller – On only 12 carries against the Chiefs D (number one in the league) and still not 100% healed from an ankle injury, Spiller had 116 yards on the ground and added another 40 with two catches. He didn’t find the end zone but he does look to be getting his burst back and against the disappointing Steelers D he stands a better chance to compliment the yardage with a TD.

Sit ’em: 

– Arian Foster – He’s been hampered by injuries all season long, aggravating a back injury against the Colts last Sunday. Those can cause lingering issues and with Houston falling fast out of playoff contention, the Texans would be wise to preserve Foster’s health. Even if does go, he’ll be on a carry-count for sure, see if Ben Tate is sitting in free agency or look elsewhere for RB.

– Frank Gore – If the Panthers are going to make a statement to the NFL, they’re going to have to upset the 49ers in Candlestick. The best way to do that is to stop Gore and the run and make Colin Kaepernick beat them with his wildly inconsistent passing game. The Panthers D has been second-best in the last few weeks and are allowing the second-fewest points (the Chiefs are first) and the run game is likely the focus.

– Ray Rice – It seems like the Ravens are out to claim the title of “Most Disappointing Defending Super Bowl Champion Team” and no one is suffering more than Ray Ray. 11 carries and only 17 yards in a loss to the Browns continues a disturbing trend of the Ravens shying away from the run to try and give the $120 million Flacc Jacket more reign over the offense. How’s that working out Baltimore? 

– DeMarco Murray – The Cowboys attempted 55 passes against the Vikings last weekend to only eight designed run plays. Eight. DeMarco was back from injury and still, only had four carries for 31 yards. The Cowboys face a defense in the Saints that’s miles above what the Vikings are and the run game will again be tossed aside in favor for trying match the Saints pass for pass.


Start ’em: 

– Jordan Reed – Where would the Redskins be without Reed consistently being there to make key catches and opening up the passing game to get Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon more good looks. Stock in Reed is rising and he’s working his way into the Keeper discussion should your league be a keeper.

– Brent Celek – With Nick Foles under center for Philly, the offense seems to be looking more like Chip Kelly envisioned at the start of the season. With the Packers D likely focusing on DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy and after two TDs in the feast against Oakland, he’ll continue to see targets.

– Heath Miller – Big Ben finally found his offensive groove against the Pats last week. Yes, the Steelers lost but take fantasy pride in the fact that he had 400 yards and four TDs in the game. If he’s on, every receiver sees an immediate boost in their value. Against a Bills team that has struggled with opposing TEs all season so Ben’s most trusted option Heath is in line for most successful day.

– Greg Olsen – Playing with Cam Newton definitely hinders your upside but being a brick shithouse like Olsen that Newton can find as he scrambles to keep the play alive is definitely a plus. Olen had a TD and a bundle of yardage against the Falcons and may find himself getting goal line looks if the Panthers are able to sustain drives on San Francisco.

Sit ’em: 

– Dallas Clark – Is our repeated advice to bench Dallas Clark sinking in? The Ravens have been a consistent underachiever and even if Clark seems like a possibility for a BYE week plug and play, the targets aren’t there and he’s not even getting the catches on the chance he does get targeted. He needs Peyton throwing to him for any fantasy relevance.

– Brandon Pettigrew – Joseph Fauria is getting all the red-zone looks and is showing better hands and more chemistry with Matt Stafford than Pettigrew which means he’ll likely stay odd-man out.

–  Jared Cook – The Colts shut down high powered offenses on a week-after-week basis and the Rams and Kellen Clemens are anything but high-powered. Cook’s size makes him a threat in the red-zone but the Colts D will limit the Rams’ chances throughout the night and Zac Stacy will likely again be the focal point of the Rams offense. 

– John Carlson/Chase Ford – Did you find yourself asking who? Kyle Rudolph fractured his foot against the Cowboys and is shaky to return this year. Carlson and Ford are the only other TEs on the depth chart at the moment and will likely find themselves trying to fill in for him. With inexperience and a QB situation that’s laughable at the moment, Minnesota is not where you want to look for a TE should yours be named Gronk Gronk and be on a BYE week.


Start ’em: 

– Titans – They don’t even have to travel. The Jaguars are coming to them. That’s like being a lion or a cheetah and having a gazelle limp into your sight only to collapse in exhaustion at your feet. Has the Jaguars futility been established?

– Buccaneers – Remember the South Park episode where the kids are playing baseball and they want to lose so they don’t have to play all Summer but the other team can hit the ball exactly into their gloves for outs? Ryan Tannehill is like that team, but by himself and with interceptions instead of Summer-saving outs.

– Seahawks – The Falcons are about 1-2 big plays against them away from throwing up their hands and walking away for the rest of the season. Seattle’s D is always a threat for a big return or a pick-six and could be the straw that breaks the Falcons seasons’ back.

– Steelers – Last week was the first official start of “Tuel Time” for Buffalo and he delivered 14 points… to the Chiefs. Yes, he had two pick-sixes in one game. If he goes, the possibility for defensive Steelers points is endless, but rookie QB E.J. Manuel has been cleared to play. Should he start however, it’s likely he’ll have some rust to shake off that could spell turnovers and struggles.

Sit ’em: 

– Raiders – They’re on timeout after a drubbing by the Eagles that put Nick Foles’ name in the history books next to Peyton Manning with 7 passing TDs.

– Saints/Cowboys – Defenses need not apply in this game. It’ll be a shootout similar to the Dallas/Denver one from earlier this year.

– Chargers – The Broncos D may give up a ton of yardage and garbage time points but Phillip Rivers is always good for some bad turnover producing decisions. Manning on the other hand will come out of the BYE week with fire in his eyes and a bloodlust on his mind.

– Dolphins – We’re now taking bets that Bucs/Dolphins will be the worst MNF game of the season. However, QB Mike Glennon for Tampa has put up some pretty good numbers and should be able to take advantage of a slumping Dolphins defense.

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