NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em

By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

Does everybody know what time it is? That’s right, HefferBrew is proud to present; Week 11 NFL Start ’em or Sit ’em!

Three weeks left until this grind is over.

Until the time of sweet release at the end of Week 13, HefferBrew will forge forward ever vigilant in our efforts to win you the money of your friends and family.

Teams on BYE: Dallas Cowboys & St. Louis Rams


Start ’em:

– Josh McCown – Jay Cutler is out this week at least, and Josh is possibly a better QB than Cutler anyway. In a home game against the visiting Ravens, McCown will continue his scoring streak with weapons like Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett to make it look easy.

– Nick Foles – The Redskins still have a terrible defense, even more so on the road. Nick Foles is a no-brainer start, the touchdowns speak for themselves and we expect him to keep the starting job for the rest of the season.

– Carson Palmer – Old “Cheetoes Dust” Palmer has the Jaguars this week which has meant fantasy gold for just about everyone they’ve faced. Yes, the Jags just got their first win of the season and Carson might actually be a robot programmed to turn the ball over but he’ll be good for sheer volume and the porous Jags D still gave up 27 points in their win.

– Case Keenum – Is Nick Foles gone on your waiver wire and you need a replacement for Rodgers, Cutler, Pryor or a BYE week? Case Keenum may be your guy. He’s had two straight games displaying a great chemistry with Andre Johnson and a match with the Raiders could spell continued success for the Texans and Keenum.

Sit ’em:

– Anyone in Green Bay that isn’t named Aaron – Ew. Obviously Green Bay was ill suited for an injury to their star QB, as they have no capable back up on their roster. Maybe they sign Matt Flynn this week, but we doubt he has that kind of luck again..

– Ryan Tannehill – Missing a Racist, an accomplice to murder, and another starting gaurd has really impacted the Dolphins offensive line in a negative manner. Ryan was already one of the most sacked QB’s in the league with those guys – but now the pressures of off the field issues are taking a heavy toll on the Dolphins offense at all positions.

– Tom Brady – He’s got some of his weapons back and the offense is healthier then it’s been in months but they find themselves going to Carolina to play a white-hot Panthers team. Brady normally thrives in statement games like this but it’s been a weird season thus far for Brady and we here at HefferBrew are one foot on the bandwagon of the Panthers.

– Andy Dalton – The Cleveland secondary is much improved and Dalton has struggled the last few weeks after a hot month and though the yardage will be there, the risk of INTs and another grind out game like last week against the Ravens will limit the Red Rifle’s potential.


Start ’em:

– Golden Tate – What can we say, he’s been Golden recently…

– Dwayne Bowe – This is awkward. But if anyone is going to be a Fantasy Zombie this week – it’s Dwayne Bowe. In what will be the obvious game of the week to watch, the Chiefs can’t rely on a dink and dunk offense if they hope to stay perfect against the Broncos. Time to earn your contract Dwayne. (Gavin’s pick)

– Andre Johnson – The resurgence of Andre has come with the emergence of Case Keenum under center in place for Matt Schaub and the Texans offense is appearing to pick up steam and the Raiders gave up seven TDs to the Eagles and three to Riley Cooper alone. Johnson’s size and speed will make him a nightmare for Oakland.

– Larry Fitzgerald – Against the Jaguars Carson Palmer will probably attempt at least 40 passes and hopefully that means Fitzy will be able to come up big finally instead of disappointing owners once again.

Sit ’em:

– Dwayne Bowe – Not a typo. He’s a risky play this week, he’s been awful. Alex Smith never throws deep, and it will take a major change in game plan for him to be effective. (Cameron’s pick)

– Mike Wallace – He’s a glorified and expensive diversion on the field at this point. Tannehill is never looking his way it seems and he’s pouting more than celebrating. Never a good sign.

– Kenny Stills – The 49ers offense may be struggling at times but their defense is just as unstoppable as ever and while Drew Brees and the Saints have more weapons than the 49ers can cover but they’ll surely try to limit the outside passing plays. Rookie WR Stills has been explosive at times but with fantasy playoffs looming, feast or famine is a bit too risky when playoffs are on the line.

– Packers WRs – How pumped were you that James Jones came back? Did you pick up Jarret Boykins? Maybe you have Jordy Nelson. Well, this week vs the Giants Scott Tolzien will be under center for Green Bay. Temper all expectations according and stash any/all Green Bay WRs on your bench til Rodgers is back and you’re in the playoffs.


Start ’em:

– Ryan Matthews – When he’s not made of glass, Ryan Matthews has been a consistently hard runner that the Chargers have finally started leaning on more and more. The Dolphins just gave up 145 yards rushing to Tampa Bay’s third and fourth string running backs. If Matthews keeps running as hard as he’s been, he could have a great day carving up the defense.

– Alfred Morris – Sorta in the same situation as Matthews but without the made of glass questions. Morris has seen more and more of the workload the last month or so and he’s handled it quite well. His ability to help the passing game supplements whatever the Eagles D can do to limit his running lanes so start him with confidence.

– Ben Tate – Arian Foster has been banged up since the off-season and all it’s done is given Ben Tate more room to shine. A back injury is the latest ailment to befall Foster, who missed last week because of it, and even if he does play Sunday he’ll likely be on a huge minutes restriction which makes Tate the smarter back to roll with against a pretty Jekyll/Hyde Raiders defense.

– Reggie Bush – Has any other off-season acquisition paid as many dividends as Reggie Bush has for the Lions? The kid is running like he’s in a pre-sanction USC uniform and giving the Lions exactly what they need to balance their offensive attack and devastate teams with their passing game while wearing them down with Bush and Joique Bell. Going into Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers used to be a guaranteed slug-fest but fresh off a win in Chicago, the division leading Lions (you read that right) are starting to roll.

Sit ’em: 

– Adrian Peterson – It’s hard to bet against AP but the Seattle D is still not taking prisoners. A one-dimensional offensive gameplan is not going to do him or the Vikings any favors. The Seahawks will be content with shutting the run down relentlessly and forcing Christian Cassell Josh Ponder to try and beat them through the air, where their top tier secondary aptly named the “Legion of Boom” will be waiting.

– Trent Richardson – Everyone was psyched when Trent got traded to the Colts and since then, he’s kinda done a whole lot of nothing. Last week against the Rams he was out performed by Donald Brown and on a short week against the still good Titans D he’ll likely struggle once again. We may not see the trade pay true dividends until next season.

– Arian Foster – Just a reiteration from up above but seriously- monitor Foster’s status game day and try to refrain from starting him unless you really really like to take risks or if your season and playoff hopes are already about done.

– Steven Ridley/Brandon Bolden – We’re about to see what the Panthers D is made of against Tom Brady and the Patriots, however, we know how they are against the run and how easy it would be for Bill Belicheck and the Pats gang to just abandon the run altogether and go nuts passing should they fail to get anything going on the ground. If you have one of them they may be worth a flex should a goal line scenario come into play but if the Panthers play as hard as they have, the Pats may have to rely on shock and awe big plays.


Start ’em: 

– Jordan Reed – The kid is just about everything the Redskins could’ve hoped to have found in a TE to pair with Bobby 3 Sticks. His athleticism has led to some impressive plays all season long and his instant chemistry with RG3 has kept Washington in some close games. It’ll be a passing bonanza in the Redskins/Eagles game and Reed will definitely benefit.

– Jordan Cameron – Back and rested from a BYE week, Cameron gets to go head-to-head with an injury-riddled Bengals D. They still have plenty of play-makers but Cameron has emerged alongside Josh Gordon as players who can get theirs’ no matter who’s throwing to them and who it’s against.

– Heath Miller – Heath is a solid player and a favorite target of Big Ben. With Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown drawing most of the coverage, Heath is in for a big showing this week.

– Brandon Myers – Making his first appearance on the Start Em side of the ball, Myers could be the answer to Eli’s woes. As long as he keeps getting open, the middle of the field is all his for the taking.

Sit ’em:

– Vernon Davis – His brain is all kinds of swollen and such… it’s a good time to pick up a replacement for Week 11.

– Charles Clay – Another bust of a player on the Dolphins, he had so much promise but with the current situation in Miami, it seems no one on their offense is a safe bet.

– Colby Fleener – Former Stanford player or not, he’s just terrible. Yes, we said it.. Terrible. Maybe he gets lucky and scrounges up 5 points, chances are he drops 3 golden opportunities and gets overlooked the rest of the game.

– Tony Gonzalez – The cornerback on tight end experiment has been working in the league this year and with Revis Island finally coming out to play in Tampa, we expect some clever coverage to take care of Tony, with a huge emphasis in the red zone. Harry Douglas might see more lax coverage, but if Tampa wants to win another game this year and prove that week 10 wasn’t a fluke – they will have to shut down ToGo.


Start ’em:

– Cardinals – Quietly one of the best defensive units at the moment, they also get to take on the traveling circus that is Jacksonville – meaning another big day for the Red Birds.

– Saints – Colin Kaepernick kinda sucks. He’s even worse on the road. The Saints are a bunch of wild animals when they play at home in the Dome, and their Ball hawk defense will be primed to snatch a few points out of thin air.

– Texans – Terrelle Pryor is nursing a sprained MCL and if the Raiders really are intent on building for the future, they’ll likely rest him until he’s back to full health. Enter Matt McGloin. An untested rookie in every sense of the word (only 87 yards so far this season with 0 TDs and 0 INTs) who will be asked to go against a Texans D that could really use getting their groove back as they’ve fallen far from the graces of the NFL’s elite defenses.

– Chargers – Like your defense picks to be a little more risky? Go with the Chargers taking on the NFL’s hot mess Miami Dolphins. To say the entire franchise seems to be in disarray would be an understatement and possibly an insult to the word disarray. Ryan Tannehill has competent receivers not named Mike Wallace but for some reason he seems to be intent on ignoring Wallace when he’s faced with single coverage and will overlook positive match-ups in favor of trying to force a pass to his first or second option. That usually leads to a turnover and we all know what happens when you turn the ball over. 

Sit ’em: 

– Chiefs – This Chiefs/Broncos game has all the makings of an insta-classic example of unstoppable force v immovable object clash. The Broncos are unquestionably the best offense in the league and the 9-0 Chiefs are dominating teams with the type of defense that the Bears used to dance about. That won’t fly this week though cause it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs having an answer to all of the Broncos (5-6) consistent WRs, their monster TE Julius Thomas and their three-headed ground attack. The Chiefs come in to this match dazzling absolutely no one with their game management offense. This could very well be a look at the AFC Title game this season so take notes and act accordingly or something.

– Ravens – Yes, the Bears will have their second string QB starting as Jay Cutler was injured against Detroit but don’t get too excited Ravens D owners; Josh McCown has been more than capable filling in. Here at HefferBrew the argument has come up that McCown might possibly be even a better option than Smoking Jay Cutler. Marshall, Jeffrey, Forte and Bennett are all fixing to stick their hands in the Ravens’ cookie jar.

– Falcons – Yes the Bucs have their issues (Mike James’ ankle is fractured, rookie QB Mike Glennon is still going through growing pains and the O-Line can sometimes crumble like graham crackers on a pumpkin pie crust) but the Falcons are taking dumpster fire to a whole new level. This was a team that had Super Bowl or bust aspirations at the start of the year and it’s safe to say they’re busting about as hard as a team could. They’ve become an injury depleted whipping post with no consistency or, it seems, energy.

– Eagles/Redskins – The Nick Foles TD train just keeps rolling but this week they get a Redskins team that may actually be able to match them point for point. You know when we say “it’ll be a matchup where you think tons of points will be scored but really the defenses will lock down and it’ll be surprisingly low”? That’s not happening with this one. This is points-a-palooza.

Keep updated at or on Twitter @HefferBrew. As always, good luck with your fantasy match-ups; go get that first round BYE, playoff spot or end the season with dignity and join us next week for even more great fantasy football finds. 

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