NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em

By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

It’s finally here, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The end of the Fantasy Football regular season means two things, regular football is really starting to get interesting and we can soon stop writing fantasy projections.


Team HefferBrew is excited to get back to reviewing video games and horror movies, and you can read all about our adventures @HefferBrew and .

For Week 13, we have a special look at the first 12 weeks of our projections, and the countless times we’ve steered you in the right direction. By now we expect you to be able to make smart decisions like responsible adults, however, if you need some more help with these tough end of the season choices – take a look back and find the answers you need:

Special notes for Week 13:

The Good:

Keenan Allen – When he’s hot, he’s hot. When Phillip Rivers is hot, they combine to form some pass catching mecha-lord. So that’s always pretty good.

Jordan Cameron – Brandon Weeden is starting at QB this week, which is normally bad for the Browns in a “win the game” kind of thing, but great for Cameron in terms of yards and touchdowns.

Tom Brady – He’s a robot, and robots don’t get cold.

The Bad:

Eli Manning – Oh man.. He just can’t help but throw interceptions, and he just loves to allow those to go to the house for 6 points.

Victor Cruz – Ain’t No sunshine when Eli’s Gone. Eli can’t throw to anyone in his own color jersey, unless that guy is on the sidelines already. Victor is a/the causality of the terrible QB play for the G Men that has been a common theme for the 2013 season.

The Ugly:

Robert Griffin III – Disappointment of the year? Well, he’s certainly up there with Trent Richardson and Mike Wallace. He can’t be trusted.

The Houston Texans – Yeah that’s right, this entire team has been a fantasy abomination all season long. Case Keenum looked great for about a game and now he’s fallen apart and Gary Kubiak can’t even decide during the games if it’ll be Keenum or Matt Schaub under center. Arian Foster never got going and is done for the year with a potentially derailing back injury that’ll lead to concern next season even, his backup Ben Tate is playing through severely broken ribs and the defense, don’t even get us started on the defense.

Anyways, Week 13, a last-gasp attempt to get the playoffs and (if it’s a pay league) make a play for the cash prize. With that in mind, let’s get to the Start ’em Sit ’em we’ve all been waiting for.

Teams on BYE: None


Start ’em:

– Andrew Luck – He’s had a few weeks of struggles but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in Luck’s brief stint in the NFL, it’s that he’ll come up big in the clutch and a home game against the kinda resilient Titans is the chance the Colts have to reaffirm their mojo from earlier in the season.

– Josh McCown – The St. Louis Rams blew the doors off the Bears last weekend but the Vikings just let the Tolzien-led Packers pull a Father’s Day special (aka a tie) and with Jay Cutler likely not coming back until Week 14 or 15, the team is McCown’s and he should be in line for a big day against a soft Vikes D.

– Carson Palmer – The quintessential weekend warrior of armchair QBs is back in the start ’ems with what just might be the shoot-out of the week against the Eagles. The Eagles offense has been as high-flying as we were told it’d be but their defense is still a lost child on a field trip frantically looking for their teacher. If Palmer can avoid his tendency to sabotage himself, he could be in line for another big game.

– Andy Dalton – The Red Rifle is fresh off a BYE week and the Bengals are gearing up for a playoff push. Playing the San Diego Chargers is about as uncertain as it gets with their Jekyll/Hyde tendencies but the Chiefs and Alex “I Don’t Throw Further Than 20 Yards With Each Attempt” Smith hung 38 on them. Dalton has better weapons and a bit more of an arm for big plays and will present even more issues for the Chargers.

Sit ’em:

– Russell Wilson – Sorry guys, this Saints/Seahawks game is going to be won by defense and yes, that’s a disappointment, but the Seahawks know how to shut down passing games and the Saints have made it their goal all season to be more aggressive on defense. Wilson’s key is his ability to extend plays with his legs and play mistake-free football so look for the Saints to do everything they can to shut Wilson down.

– Mike Glennon – He’s been surprising since the Bucs cut Josh Freeman and placed their future on him but the buck ends here against a Panthers team that is easily the hottest team in the league right now. Cam Newton went clutch on the Dolphins and the Panthers D is unlike anything Glennon has seen. He’s had very few turnovers so far but the Panthers will disrupt and force mistakes all day.

– Joe Flacc0 – Oh Joe, how bizarre a season you’ve had. Now, you’re playing on Thanksgiving night against your most bitter of rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Too bad the Steelers have gotten back on track and their defense will make sure that Flacco and his weapons are as out of sync as possible.


Start ’em:

– Reggie Bush – Fumbling issues and lack of running lanes the last few weeks have hurt Reggie’s stat line the last few weeks but Thanksgiving against Green Bay is a perfect chance for Bush to bounce back in a big way.

– Marshawn Lynch – Beast mode will get the bulk of the offensive game-plan for the Seahawks as the Saints D will be out to stop the passing game at all costs. The sheer bulk he’ll get will provide another great game in the game of the week with so many playoff implications (fantasy and real) that it makes our heads’ spin.

– Shane Vereen – He’s back and in a very big way. With every other RB on the Pats catching fumbilitis, Vereen’s return couldn’t have come at a better time. He’s being used in the passing game more than even some of the WRs and will see more carries against a less-than menacing matchup against Houston.

– Giovanni Bernard – The Chargers have one of the worst run defenses in the league and the Bengals will likely start gearing up for the playoffs with hard-nosed D and a grind-out running oriented game.

Sit ’em:

– Zac Stacy – Concussion aside, if he’s playing, he’s going against a 49ers D that just took the Redskins man card like a playground bully. In a pinch and if you’re a do or die away from a playoff spot, he is basically all the Rams have on offense.

– Knowshown Moreno – He was nursing injuries all through Sunday’s loss to New England and facing the physical Chiefs D in Kansas City isn’t the best medicine by any means. The Broncos could also just hold him out to try and get him healthy for the post season so monitor the situation carefully all week long before setting that lineup.

– Ryan Matthews – He was having a great game against Kansas City until his hamstring injury flared up. If he is able to go, he’ll hit the Bengals brick wall.

– Bobby Rainey – He had an awful game against the Lions and the whole team is about to have an even worse game against the Panthers. Don’t put your fantasy playoff trip in the hands of a third-string RB on a team full of holes.


Start ’em: 

– Dwayne Bowe – The Broncos have faced an onslaught of injuries in their secondary and regardless of who it is that will guard Bowe, they’ll probably be outmatched physically which Alex Smith will certainly try to exploit early and often.

– Julian Edelman – He had a Welker-esque game against the Broncos, coming up big in key moments to spark the comeback victory and his chemistry with Tom Brady is on par with Brady to Gronk. The targets and offense for Brady and the Pats will run through the Gronker, Vereen and Edelman and Edelman’s craftiness in goal-line scenarios only increases his worth.

– Harry Douglas – The Bills’ secondary has been wracked with injuries throughout the season, creating large games for almost all who step before them. Harry has the distinction of being all the Falcons have left.

– DeSean Jackson – It’s gonna be back and forth between the Cardinals and Eagles and Jackson’s speed and elusiveness will bring fits to the Cardinals D as they try to stop every other weapon in the Eagles’ high-powered offense.

Sit ’em: 

– Victor Cruz – Poor guy, he’s the most talented receiver the Giants have and he’s stuck in the worst statistical season Young Manning has had. Redskins Giants may end in a tie (of 0-0.)

– Pierre Garcon – Same thing as Victor, but Bobby 3 Sticks in place of Sad Eli.

– Mike Wallace – Monster game against the Panthers right? Really, he had three catches, two of which he got behind the D, then stopped and waited for Tannehill’s pass to float wobble it’s way to him. All of his catches came in the first half as well. The inconsistency has been a killer for him all season and it’ll keep rearing its’ head.


Five to Start-

  1. Steelers
  2. Patriots
  3. San Francisco 
  4. Panthers
  5. Bengals 

Five to Sit- 

  1. Texans
  2. Jets
  3. Vikings
  4. Cardinals
  5. Chiefs

4 responses to “NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em”

  1. Have alot of great rec
    Cant decide which 4 2 start
    James jones
    Miles austin
    Can u help me make some tough decisions?
    Thank you u folks have been a great help this season

    • Thanks for reading this season Dennis, we racked our mind and have come up with a few ideas for you:

      Start James Jones. In a game that will more than likely be a shootout and feeling healthy, he will be in good shape to see plenty of targets.

      Nasty Nate Burleson – for all the same reasons as above.

      Start Victor Cruz. We’ve been personally victimized by Victor all season. That said, if there is ever a defense to make mistakes around him, it would be the Redskins.

      lastly, Miles Austin. The Raiders will have their hands full with Dez all night, meaning Miles will see single coverage – but be aware that Jason Witten could hawk him in the red zone.

      Crabtree is a shaky play. As much as he is talented, this is his first game back this season. Colin Kaepernick has been up and down, and the upside isn’t there to make up for the risk.

      Harvin is still being worked in to the offense and is a run heavy system to begin with, with Brees in town, the plan will be run run run to keep him on the sidelines.

      We wish you the best this week, and hopefully some post season glory.

      – HefferBrew

  2. I need some help with my WR’s:
    B Marshall
    J Nelson
    H Douglas
    J Edelman
    R Cooper

    Which ones would you play? Thanks!

    • Brandon Marshall is a sure start. Josh McCown has been solid and Brandon continues to see tons of targets all over the field.

      Nelson too, even with Matt Flynn at QB, he is a safer bet than Douglas taking on the rested Bills D and Matt Ryan has been slipping this season.

      Lastly, go with Riley Cooper if you need a third. Julian isn’t bad either, but Cooper should find the end zone more often with Foles at QB.

      Thanks for following HefferBrew, and good luck this week!

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