‘History of Rap 5’ Caps Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Debut Week

By Dustin Brewer

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake brought back their “History of Rap” series to end Fallon’s debut week hosting “The Tonight Show.” It’s great.

When Justin Timberlake visited “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” fans were always treated to something memorable from the duo, who seem destined to do things like this forever and when Timberlake made his debut on Fallon’s “Tonight Show” fans got another chapter in their most popular collaboration.

It’s been a strong week for Fallon who has come off as sincere and eternally grateful for the chance to prove he deserves the gig hosting one of the biggest institutions in television history. So far his penchant for viral-ready bits have already been more hit than miss and seem to be working just as well as they did on “Late Night” which has surely already helped him win over new viewers, teaming with Timberlake is just the icing on the cake for a strong debut week that shows he is prepared for the long haul at 11:30pm.

Check out “History of Rap 5” and marvel at just how seriously talented the Roots are.


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