Donald Sterling Is A Racist, And We All Knew This

By Cameron Heffernan

Donald Sterling is a racist, and this is nothing new if you follow basketball.


With TMZ’s recent leaking of a not-too-pleasant Donald Sterling on tape, revealing his blatant racism. We ask the question, “What took you all so long to realize this?”

Donald Sterling was by no means, considered a “good person”. So why are we all surprised at this?

This is a person who made his fortune on being a slumlord as well as wondrous quotes like these:

In reference to why he won’t rent to non-Koreans in a  building he owned in Koreatown – which was brought to light in a 2006 lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice for housing discrimination:

“[Latinos] smoke, drink and just hang around the building,” and that “Black tenants smell and attract vermin.”

Pretty strong words from someone who is more vermin than human.  Sterling went on to settle with the DOJ on a fine for $2.73 million. Peanuts to the estimated $1.9 billion he lavishes in, on a nightly basis.

Then there’s the Elgin Baylor discrimination lawsuit. With Baylor claiming that Sterling ranted about wanting a team full of “poor black boys from the south with a white coach,” as well as how much money he was paying for, “poor black boys.” Baylor didn’t react until his salary of $300,000 a year (stagnant since 2003) became a slap in the face to the NBA Legend, while most around him saw great pay raises. Especially, Vinny Del Negro, who had a bloated contract for a mediocre coaching effort; but fit Sterling’s “White Coach” requirements.

It’s all fairly routine for the affluent-type, like Sterling. They own people like the old days, so they have an “old school” mentality. Is this okay?


Donald Sterling is a racist, always has been, and always will be. He went at Magic Johnson. MAGIC FREAKING JOHNSON. Even a KKK member would want an Instagram picture with Magic. Everyone loves magic. But once Sterling’s friends come calling about his (mixed-race ? WTF?) girlfriend Instagram-ing a selfie with the third, maybe fourth greatest basketball player of all-time, then it’s time to bust out that “old-school” racism. That, “let’s keep them in the back of the bus/separate the water fountains” – type of racism.

I don’t plan on boycotting the Clippers – they have no real part in this. I also don’t plan on rooting against the Clippers now, and certainly I don’t plan on not watching any of their games (cause CP3 and Blake Griffin are amazing). But, let it be known: Someone like Sterling is what owns most of sports.

That most of these “owners” (which “Master” is probably a word they prefer more to describe them) are just the same as Sterling. They just haven’t been caught on tape yet.

Kevin Hart sounded off on Twitter, citing a change that had to come on part of the NBA:

As well as the aforementioned Magic Johnson. Who, as always, was the classiest mother fucker (it’s okay to call him this. There’s a genuine possibility that Magic has had sex with your mom if she was in L.A. in the ’80s and attractive) in the room:

According to CNN – Clippers Guard, Chris Paul is to make a statement at some point, about the matter:

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