Watch This: Pacers Fan Calls Out Paul George

By Dustin Brewer

When Pacers All-Star Paul George went to complain about a no-call, one fan was so loud in his criticism, that even the broadcast cameras picked up what he was shouting to George.

Frustrations are clearly running high for everyone in Pacers nation; fans, players and Larry Legend are all shocked at how the series has played out thus far and in the video, this heckler sums up everything pretty brutally:

“Why don’t you play some basketball and stop traveling? I guess you’re ready to go home in the first round! Are you ready to go home in the first round against Atlanta?  You’re supposed to be an All-Star, start playing ball and stop traveling!”

The Pacers worked hard all season to secure up the top spot, thinking that home court would be the difference when they meet up with the Heat in the Conference Finals.

But now, down 3-2 in their Round One series against the Eight Seed Atlanta Hawks, the Pacers have looked sluggish and as if they woefully underestimated the Hawks, looking past them with their eyes set on beating the Heat.

In the above video, it seems pretty clear that George hears what the heckler was saying, and though they still lost, they did trim a 30-point deficit down to nine in the fourth quarter. Yes, that’s not enough at all and there are no moral victories in the playoffs, but maybe this will keep George motivated and help him return to the early-season form that made him an All-Star and had him as a legitimate MVP candidate for the first few months of the season.


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