Donald Sterling Banned For Life

By Cameron Heffernan

Adam Silver bans Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling for life after revelation of racist tapes.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling for life from the NBA during a press conference today. This coming after TMZ’s release of tapes that revealed Sterling  to be a blatant racist. Like we all knew.

Silver held a press conference today announcing that Sterling will be banned for life from the NBA and the Clippers organization, as well as fining Sterling $2.5 million for his remarks on a tape released by TMZ on Saturday. On top of the ban and fine, the owners are banding together to kick Sterling out of their boys club (most likely cause he got caught doing what a few in sports-team ownership already do – pure speculative on my part).

Sterling has yet to comment on the matter.

In the press conference Sterling stated the determination that the owners have in getting Sterling out of the NBA.

“I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners to remove him,” said Silver.

Silver faced many questions regarding a slippery slope  in that the league can ban and take away teams like this from their billion dollar owners.  Silver stood fast in the matter at hand and didn’t deviate into the questions regarding the aforementioned slippery slope. Silver also faced questions – being raised for the first time by people riding on a very high and white horse – about why it took so long for the league to react.Knowing full well that Sterling had a history with discrimination.

Until now, most anything about Sterling was hearsay. Now, it’s a solid piece of evidence with the tape, and even if you want to be that journalist that asks the “hard-hitting” questions, it should be realized, nothing could’ve been done. Sterling was even about to receive his second. yes, SECOND. NAACP award and this was the same Sterling that many on ESPN and FOX have, all of the sudden, realized how awful his previous actions were (or at least are now acknowledging it).

The NBA and it’s owners knew, they just didn’t have the evidence. Now they have the evidence and the NBA has taken the proper actions.


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