Watch This: Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech

By Dustin Brewer

Accepting the 2013-14 NBA MVP award, his first in his career, Kevin Durant gave one of the best speeches not only of recent memory, but ever, in a heartfelt thanks to his teammates, his fans and most of all; his family.

It’s extremely hard to not choke up along with Durant and almost everyone in the room as he spoke from the heart, without a prepared speech, for a little over 26 minutes.

Durant has always had a bit of a reputation as a “nice-guy” of the league, leading to an ad campaign suggesting “KD is not nice” but as Tuesday night showed us, he’s arguably the most humble and sincere player the NBA has seen in quite some time.

With the Thunder playing Game Two in the semi-finals against the Clippers Wednesday night, it’s going to be extremely hard to root against the Thunder and KD for the rest of these playoffs and beyond.

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