Mike Brown Fired By Cavs…Again

By Dustin Brewer

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced they’d be parting ways with coach Mike Brown, which would be a perfectly normal thing, if they hadn’t already fired him before, in 2010.

After a 33-49 record in the regular season, the Cavaliers announced that coach Mike Brown would not be coming back for the 2014-2015 season.

The move isn’t a big shock as the team seems to be hunkering down into “Keep Kyrie” mode with the hope that the young star doesn’t leave town like LeBron James so famously did when he made “The Decision” and joined the Heat. Irving has shown some frustrations throughout the last few years and has lashed out on Twitter at people saying he’s only interested in leaving town at the first chance he gets.

Brown first coached the Cavs from 2005-2010, and even led them to the NBA Finals in 2007 though King James and co were swept rather unceremoniously by Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. Brown was fired after the ’09-’10 season, a few weeks before James joined the Heat.

In between his stints in Cleveland, Brown coached the LA Lakers but proved to be unable to follow Phil Jackson, coaching the team through the 2010-’11 season but he was fired only five games into the ’11-’12 season.

For the Cavaliers now, they’ll be hiring their third coach since last off-season, hardly a shining example of stability for a team that will be looking to attract free agents (like LeBron) in the next few seasons as well as trying to keep young stars like Irving, Dion Waiters and Luol Deng.

After news of the firing broke, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert released a statement on Brown and expressed remorse but maintained that he’s determined to take the team back to the playoffs.

“This is a very tough business, it pains all of us here that we needed to make the difficult decision of releasing Mike Brown. Mike worked hard over this last season to move our team in the right direction. Although, there was some progress from our finish over the few prior seasons, we believe we need to head in a different direction.”- Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers Owner

How this will all work out for Cleveland remains to be seen, there aren’t too many available coaches on the market right now (aside from Mike D’Antoni) but who they select could have a big impact on future signings and re-signings as the team and its’ fans look to get back to the success that seems like such a distant memory.


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