Kerr Finds a Home; As Does Van Gundy

By Cameron Heffernan

The Golden State Warriors hired Steve Kerr, and the Detroit Pistons look to Stan Van Gundy to guide their young future.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Yesterday and today have been busy in the NBA landscape. The Heat – as I’m writing this – are advancing to their fourth Eastern Conference Finals in-a-row. The Trail Blazers – also playing as I type – and the Wizards won the elimination games they were facing to hopefully pull off stunning upsets of top-tier teams at a later date. And the Oklahoma City Thunder/Los Angeles Clippers series has reached levels of supposed corruption the NBA has never…. Oh, who am I kidding. We see something like what happened in the OKC/LAC game four happen every year, and us complaining won’t make it any better. The Clippers will get the make-up calls in game six; we’ll get a game seven and everyone will be happy when all the calls go the exact way they’re supposed to. Cause that totally happens in the NBA.

In other news, the Golden State Warriors hired five-time NBA Champion, and now former TNT analyst, Steve Kerr. Kerr was believed to be the favorite in New York and was supposedly close to signing with the Knicks. apparently “supposedly” means dick, especially the bond that him and Phil Jackson were supposed to have. Kerr won three Championships with the Bulls in the ’90s and two with the Spurs. Kerr ran the front office operations in Phoenix from 2008-2010, but never the sideline. Kerr will  bring his three-point acumen and “being-a-former-player” knowledge the likes of which the Warriors have never seen…. Oh, wait, their last coach was also a former player who had a pension for the three. With this ex-player, though, there’s at least a drive for defense (at least when him and Bill Simmons pick apart other teams on Simmons’ podcast. In  my listening, that’s usually what Kerr’s first point is when figuring out the specific pratfalls of a team.). The inability to stop the other team from scoring, which is pretty damn paramount for success in basketball. Aside from the obvious, Kerr will probably make a great fit. And he won’t be able to trade Shaq for a box of loose screws and a toaster this time.

The other great fit in coaching that was filled: Stan Van Gundy, former coach of the Orlando Magic, (yes, the guy Dwight Howard ran out of town in his last year, and the guy who took the Magic to an NBA Finals in ’09, with Jameer Nelson as a prominant factor in all of it.) is now coach and head of basketball operations, for the Detroit Pistons.  This is the man who made – or at least helped – usher in the Dwight Howard that dominated every-and-all who stepped in his path. This man now has Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe to groom and form into a twin-tower scenario we haven’t seen since Robinson and Duncan. There’s also Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, but hopefully they can flip them for people who don’t jack up 30-footers all game.

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