Watch This: “The Expendables 3” Trailer

By Dustin Brewer

The first full-length trailer for the third installment in the wildly entertaining and successful “Expendables” franchise is here. Can we give it all the awards ever already?

When “Expendables 2” came out, it immediately was received as wildly better than the first. The action was upped and even more than before, it embraced the notion that it was a shameless throwback to how most of its’ stars earned their fame; crazy, over-the-top action at a nonstop pace. Plus, it had Jean Claude Van Damme as the villain, a role he embraced fully and it showed.

So now, the stakes are even higher for three but after that trailer, it’s safe to say- it’s going to be an all-time great action movie.

Swapping out Bruce Willis (who reportedly demanded $1 million a day to shoot) with Harrison Ford will give the film some more humor as no one has the ability to be gruffly annoyed and funny better than Ford. Also new to the cast is Wesley Snipes (who is likely going to steal the movie), Kelsey Grammar, Antonio Banderas, Rhonda Rousey, Tito Ortiz and Mel Gibson, who is back in the role of villain after last year’s “Machete Kills.” Plus, everyone from the old films is back and even Jet Li returns to hopefully a larger role than “2.”

And most importantly; Arnold Schwarzenegger is back again. That guarantees that we hear at HefferBrew will be amongst the first people to see it. The question is, after watching the first trailer, will you be there with us?

“The Expendables 3” opens August 15, 2014.

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