We Celebrate That Time Kobe Dunked On Shaq

By Cameron Heffernan

Only because, those times seem like the last time, the Lakers practices weren’t “soft”.

From blacknews.com
From blacknews.com

Reports came out today, as well as a live-tweeting of the exchange, that Kobe stomped around Lakers practice like a petulant child complaining about how “soft” the Lakers practice was.

This brought me back to that time when Kobe dunked on Shaquille O’Neal in a practice:


Back in the glory days of the Lakers being able to buy as many premier free agents that they want. Before Carmelo Anthony – a “loser,” according to Jeanie Buss – went to run his tower of shit on the East Coat (The Knicks sit at an astonishing 4-20…haha, 420).

Here’s to you, though, Lakers fans.

Remember the Good ‘ol days, when Kobe was more a god, and less, the guy that seems to be holding back the entire franchise. Like he decided to not only play basketball, but become a full fledged basketball terrorist, holding the Lakers franchise hostage, and forcing it to screw a pig in front of everyone.

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