“Hey, It Came Out”: The Interview

On this day, terrorism, communism (the bad kind) and all the terrible ‘isms there may be, have lost. Freedom rings true with the release of The Interview.

from movies.mxdawn.com
from movies.mxdawn.com

Just when you thought all the horrible things in this world had won. Sony has realized the err of their ways and decided on the side of Liberty.

The foul stench of freedom hating turdhats, threatening terrorist activity and hacking emails, was permeating through the pores of the United States and it’s beloved entertainment industry.

America stands triumphant this day, though. The Interview has been released on streaming services such as, Xbox video, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Sony streaming services, and at seetheinterview.com. Today is a great day for comedy and freedom. Just when we thought we had fallen to our knees, and the last drops of our capitalistic-rich life blood was being drained. Like Hulk Hogan, Sony got all jacked up and with triumphant fervor they dropped a big leg of freedom and said no to letting the (internet) terrorists win.

Do your part as an American this holiday, just go watch this film. For Freedom.

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