R.I.P Stuart Scott (1965-2015)

By Cameron Heffernan

The sports world lost a legend Sunday morning. Stuart Scott, ESPN broadcaster, passed away at the age of 49.


Stuart Scott was the single most entertaining and strongest ESPN anchors, and sports broadcasters in general, the world has ever seen. He will be remembered for the dry wit he and others brought to ESPN, allowing it to become the global sports monopoly it is today.  He provided something different with his commentary.  He, as well as people like Rich Eisen and Kenny Mayne, brought comedy to the forefront of sports.

Scott was diagnosed with Cancer in 2007 after becoming ill while covering an NFL game in Pittsburgh. In 2012 it was known that his cancer had gone into remission. Unfortunately, the disease reared it’s ugly head, as it always does, in 2013. Scott passed away Sunday morning due to that very same cancer. He’d been entrenched within this battle for nearly a decade and by the time he made his moving speech at the 2014 ESPY’s, he had already had seven surgeries that week and was suffering from liver complications and kidney failure.

Here is that final speech at the ESPY’s. Truly moving and a piece of memory that shall be forever preserved in time:

Stuart Scott will be missed. Not only by sports fans, but anyone who saw the work he did. Even someone who just happened by Sportscenter for a minute, and saw a small clip of what Scott did. They would be left with something to smile about.

“Everyday I am reminded, that our life’s journey is really about the people who touch us.” – Stuart Scott.

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