What Would You Ask Kyrie Irving on Cameo?- by Dustin Brewer

Cameo is a website where people can pay for celebrities to record short shoutout videos for various occasions. NBA All-Star and new Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving announced Wednesday that he’ll be partnering with Cameo and will be available for fans to purchase video shoutouts from. Dustin looks ahead to the inevitable trolls and disasters this will bring.

Have you wanted to ask Kyrie Irving a question for years? He’s coming to Cameo and the possibilities are endless. (Photo via cameo.com)

In theory, Cameo is a great idea. It’s a chance for fans to get a more personalized interaction with some of their favorite celebrities and personalities. Though their collection of available talents continue to grow, the varying costs and durations of these short videos can make it debatable that it’s truly worth it.

With Kyrie Irving joining the platform, the results are going to be fascinating. These are just a few predictions for the types of requests Kyrie is going to be flooded with from NBA fans and trolls alike.

“Hey, can you troll my friend? He’s a huge Celtics fan.”
In case you missed it: the Celtics’ fans are in a position to possibly be the nastiest, meanest fan base ever to a returning former player when Kyrie and the Nets travel to Boston this season. Kyrie’s endless controversies while with the team and his questionable leadership choices took a team that was supposed to be a favorite for the title but instead sent them to an uninspiring second-round exit. I don’t know how much his Cameos are going to cost but I can guarantee you there are NBA fans around the world that want to just twist the knife a little more for any Celtics fans in their lives.

“Say some woke stuff.”
Say what you will about Kyrie but the dude is an extremely interesting person off-court. His social media feeds are filled with illuminati-looking imagery, profound quotes from various authors and unbelievably interesting Instagram captions.

There’s no way people are going to spend X amount of dollars and not be like “Hey fam, hit me with some thoughts on Nietzsche for a couple minutes.”

“Show off some new shoes.”
You can’t mention Kyrie Irving without including the fact that he’s currently the best-selling Nike athlete not named LeBron James. His shoes, clothing and accessories are everywhere from elementary schools to local rec leagues and pickup courts across the world. The insanely popular shoes boast a more affordable price point than signature stars like James and Kevin Durant and always offer unique collaborations including Spongebob Squarepants.

If fans ask Kyrie for sincere shout-out videos or other requests, I have to imagine that there’s no way he won’t be asked to give the recipient of a video an early look at colorways and designs.

“I don’t care what you say, just do it with a globe next to you.”
The biggest controversy Kyrie has ever found himself in was when he was quoted on the “Road Trippin” podcast saying that the Earth was flat. NBA fans were stunned with the take and ultimately Irving backtracked and stated he was simply trying to prove a point that the media is too quick to jump to conclusions. Since then, fans have yet to let him forget it, trolling him with flat Earth jokes since.

I will take all of the money in my bank account and any other valuables I have and bet them all that the day Kyrie’s Cameo account goes live, there are at least a dozen requests for flat earth videos and jokes. No clue if Irving is going to go for that or how well the trolls will be received, but he has to know that embracing this platform is not going to come without money.

Speaking of money, that brings us to the last part of this: How much is it going to cost? Currently, Kyrie and Cameo are doing a giveaway where fans can win free shout-outs. They also mention that the first 111 users to book Kyrie will be able to book him at a special $111 price. Yikes. If that’s the special price, I can only imagine that an average video cost will be a minimum of $250.

NBA fans are a committed bunch and surely fans will jump at the chance to get a shout-out from a legitimate NBA All-Star no matter what the cost may be.

There are trolls that will poke and prod at Irving no matter what the cost may be.

And that’s what makes this upcoming union so fascinating.

Dustin Brewer is a freelance writer and co-editor at HefferBrew. Follow him on Twitter and be sure to stay tuned to HefferBrew for any “Woke Kyrie” news all season long.

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