We’ve Been Here Before. Let’s Make Sure We’re Never Here Again.

*we will continue to add resources as we find them.

The following are listings to where you can donate and take action to not only help the fight for real freedom in this country, but stop the systemic oppression and murder of black people at the hands of police and racists across the United States of America.

Symbol of the Black Power Movement. Courtesy of Joekilil via Wiki Commons.

You don’t need another white guy to wax-poetic to you for 3000 words about how “hurt” and “shocked” I am that unchecked aggression and  sociopath tendencies from police took the life of another innocent black man. We just want to take the time here at Hefferbrew to share links that can help not only the African American community, but the community of people of color in its’ entirety in this nation. I can tell you “we need to be better” and all those empty words you’ve heard over and over again from others when these things happen, but that doesn’t help.

Community outreach, putting money in the right places, speaking up and stopping racial and social injustice when we see it, and supporting black and minority owned businesses are ways to achieve the America we all thought we were buying into.

All we can do is be a beacon of outreach and try our best to help end this tyranny that people of color face on a daily basis.  White supremacy is a fire that should’ve never been burning that we need to extinguish forever.

Links to the cause:

Campaign Zero

8 Can’t Wait 


NAACP – Donations

NAACP Legal Fund


Civil Rights Project of UCLA Organizations 

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – Donations

Black Lives Matter – Aide to Fight Disinformation

Petition – Abolish Slave Labor in Prisons

Petition – Justice For Tony McDade

Petition – Justice for Breonna Taylor

We Buy Black

Black Visions Collective

The Okra Project

Reclaim The Block

Explainer on Systemic Racism

Stand Up to Racism – Link to Apple App Store collection emphasizing voter registration, donation funds, protesting resources, news outlets, and more.

Explainer on Redlining from The Root and NPR – This is how America and the real estate mafia have kept America segregated.

https://www.thecultureconnection.org/ – Compilation of resources, media, & more.

Here is a link to a site that is doing what we’re trying to do here. Links to a myriad of causes, petitions and funds. 


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