Trailer Watch: June 22-26

by Dustin Brewer

“Hamilton” is coming to Disney Plus, Rasputin fights “the King’s Man”, the Muppets & “Unsolved Mysteries” are back, and much more as we break down all the latest trailers from this week.


Hamilton (Disney Plus, July 3rd)

The day before the Fourth of July Disney Plus is going to hit us with a recording of the original Broadway cast from “Hamilton”. While this is a great way for fans who’ve never had the chance to see the musical to experience it, I’m sure people are going to be upset to find out that it has been censored to secure a PG-13 rating for the streaming service.

Have I seen “Hamilton” ever? No. Do I know what it’s about? Kinda. Will my girlfriend make me watch this the second it hits midnight? Undoubtedly.

Rad 4K Restoration (VOD, July 10th)

This movie slaps you in the face with how 80s it is, featuring a Lori Loughlin who’s so young that the thought of bribing her daughter into USC is decades away. Still, this was a childhood staple and the thought of being able to experience it all again in crisp 4K is pretty incredible. I think the World is ready to see Cru Jones ride again.

The King’s Man (in Theaters, September 18th)

To the people wondering if we really needed a prequel to the “Kingsmen” series, I implore you to watch the above trailer. Clearly, the answer is hell yes we did. This is as if Matthew Vaughn was like, “You know what, we haven’t gotten enough European actors to be in these movies yet” and then he rounded up Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Daniel Bruhl, & Aaron Taylor-Johnson as if they were the damn Expendables of British espionage. In particular, sign me up right now for 8hrs of continuous Rhys Ifans as Grigori Rasputin footage. I mean:

– via

Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix TV series, July 1st)

Yoooooooooooooooo. Sign me all the way up for this. The original “Unsolved Mysteries” used to be one of the only things that my 7-year-old self considered appointment viewing. This looks incredible without having to play on too much nostalgia. I’ll take 200 episodes of this immediately please.

The Broken Hearts Gallery (in Theaters, July 17th)

You could’ve told me the title to this movie and asked me what it was about and I would’ve given you 10,000 different answers before I landed on: “it’s a literal gallery of momentos from past relationships.” This movie seems to have dodged a major bullet in the form of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” being pushed back from this release date but tonally this movie looks like it’s going to be all over the place. I’m not the target audience though so we’ll keep it at that before the Dacre Montgomery hive shows up.

Muppets Now (Disney Plus, July 31st)

Just when things look their bleakest, as the news gets worse every day and all hope seems lost, the Muppets ride in on a wave of nostalgic glory. It’s like slipping on a pair of slippers or wearing your favorite sweater: you don’t understand why it’s so comforting, but it is and you don’t ever want it to go away.

Over the Moon (Netflix, Fall 2020)

Does this trailer not look like two guaranteed hours of ugly-crying out any repressed emotions you’ve been holding in out life/loss/love/grief? From Netflix and Pearl Studio (who did “Abominable”), “Over the Moon” is directed by Glen Keane who won an Oscar for the Kobe Bryant short film “Dear Basketball”, and was also an animator on Disney classics “Aladdin”, “the Little Mermaid”, and “Beauty & the Beast”. Suffice it to say, this will likely be another heartwarming & touching animated film to add to the collection.

Greenland (in Theaters, August 14th)

Sometimes you watch a movie preview and think to yourself, “Wow, that’s going to be a masterpiece.” Other times, you watch a preview and think “Holy shit that looks so awesome and I’m going to watch it the day it comes out and forget everything I’ve seen the second I get out of the theater.” Gerard Butler races against comet fragments that are devastating the planet is a plot that is firmly in the latter and I can’t wait.

Waiting for the Barbarians (in Theaters, August 7th)

I have a few thoughts after watching this trailer:

  1. Why does it feel like Robert Pattinson has been in like 15 movies in the last three years?
  2. What is this about? This trailer does a great job of showing actors doing some very intense acting, but I don’t quite know what’s going on here.
  3. It’s kinda weird to watch a movie trailer with Johnny Depp where he isn’t in a crazy costume or wearing wild makeup and to be reminded that he is actually a very good actor when he wants to be.
  4. When was this movie filmed? It says it was filmed in 2019 but really, you could tell me it was filmed anytime after 2010 and I’d say “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Let us know what movie you’re most looking forward to either in the comments section or on our Twitter. And stay tuned for all the latest movie & entertainment news! 

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