Trailer Watch: July 6th – 10th

by Dustin Brewer

This week “The Boys” are back in town, “the Umbrella Academy” faces the end of the world, Kevin Hart goes action hero, and much more in this week’s Trailer Watch.

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The Boys: Season 2 (Sep. 4, Amazon Prime)

Taking all of the violence, profanity, and mayhem from the first season and seemingly dialing it up to 11, the second season of Amazon’s “the Boys” looks like it’s going to be an even bigger hit than season one. There’s no such thing as too much Karl Urban.

The Kissing Booth 2 (July 24, Netflix)

I’m very aware how not in the demographic I am for this movie. I’ll just keep it simple: this movie looks like it’s going to be so jam packed with teenage drama and romance that this movie will be watched half a billion times in its’ first weekend.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy (Part One: July 30, Netflix)

You know how Michael Bay made like 5 or 6 “Transformers” movies and fans continued to cry out “Hey give us Cybertron” and Michael Bay continued to completely ignore that? Well it looks like Netflix heard the cries as they present an animated trilogy all about the war for Cybertron. It looks faithful to the material, characters look very true to their original designs, and it looks action packed.

Die Hart (July 20, Quibi)

Kevin Hart and John Travolta team up for a hella-meta action comedy about Kevin Hart trying to be an action hero. Quibi may not be the streaming smash that they intended but they’re certainly not bashful about dropping fat duffle bags of cash to high-priced actors for projects that will be little-seen. Does this look entertaining? To an extent. Will I download a brand new streaming service and take on another subscription just to watch John Travolta make blowjob jokes? Nah.

Halloween Kills (October 2021, In Theaters)

The COVID pandemic has obviously had much more dire impacts on lives across the world than movies having their release dates pushed back in the name of safety. There’s no arguing that this was the right decision from Blumhouse. This is only a 30-second teaser but the clip of three generations of Strode women screaming at passing ambulances does more to generate excitement for this movie than some trailers can in three minutes. It’s extremely effective and suggests that whenever “Halloween Kills” finally hits theaters, it will pick up right where 2018’s excellent reboot/remake left off.

Fatal Affair (July 16, Netflix)

This trailer tells you everything you need to know about the movie. Omar Epps is dope as hell, Nia Long is great as well. I’m all the way in even if it’s a movie that’s been done 100,000 times before.

The One and Only Ivan (August 14, Disney Plus)

I must admit, I didn’t not expect a movie preview that starts with “inspired by an incredible true story” to pivot into talking animals but here we are. That said, this movie is loaded with talent and looks like it’s absolutely going to be tugging on families’ heartstrings all across the world when it hits Disney Plus. Will I watch it? Most likely. Will I cry? I mean, possibly.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 (July 31, Netflix)

I have not yet finished season one of “the Umbrella Academy” and I’ve not yet read the entirety of the comic it is based on. That said, this looks incredible and makes me want to watch the rest of season one as quickly as possible.

What are you excited to watch? Let us know here or on Twitter and stay tuned for all the latest movie & entertainment news!

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