Trailer Watch: July 13th – 17th

by Dustin Brewer

On this week’s Trailer Watch: Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are chasing “Project Power”, Jason Sudeikis is back as “Ted Lasso”, and much more!

– photo via Netflix

Project Power (Aug. 14th, Netflix)

Everything about this trailer is absolutely, 100% bonkers. Vigilante Jamie Foxx and officer Joseph Gordon-Levitt are tracking down a pill that might give you a burst of a random super power for 5 minute increments or it may kill you/blow you up. Incredible.

Ted Lasso (Aug. 14th, Apple TV Plus)

Wow. Never did I expect that Jason Sudeikis’ Premiere League advertisement would turn into a full series but after seeing the preview, I’m here for it. Apple TV Plus has certainly had hits and misses and this obscure character that was last seen in a commercial like five years ago is certainly an odd choice for a tv show. That said, it’s Jason Sudeikis and I will ride or die with basically anything he makes.

Unhinged (July 31st, VOD)

This trailer may have debuted months ago but since the movie is finally hitting VOD in the U.S. at the end of the month, it’s the perfect time to revisit this gem. Russell Crowe as the road rage motorist from hell who terrorizes this single mom and her kid’s life looks absolutely incredible. I don’t care how average & routine it looks, I don’t care if I can predict everything that happens from a mile away, none of it matters. All that matters is that we all bask in the glory of Crazy Crowe.

Tesla (Aug. 21st, In Theaters)

So many thoughts ran through my head is I watched this: “Wait is that Jim Gaffigan? Oh snap he just stuck his ice cream cone in that dude’s face. Wait what is this electronic/techno soundtrack? Wait, why did that review compare this to ‘Drunk History’?” I don’t think I’d risk life and limb to go to a theater to see this but if it’s forced to go a digital release route, I’d probably rent this on a Wednesday night.

Work It (Aug. 7th, Netflix)

“So here us out, it’s like ‘Pitch Perfect’ but with dancers and she just really needs the W so she can get into a good college.”

Netflix Exec: “Here’s $75 million, go nuts.”

Hard Kill (Aug. 28th, In Theaters & VOD)

I had to watch this trailer like three times cause I kept focusing on something else:
1 – I was mesmerized by Bruce’s unbelievable scarf.
2 – I couldn’t tell if that blue/purple haired lady was former WWE wrestler Eva Marie (it is).
3 – This looks like a bit of a ‘Die Hard’ rip off which is disappointing when you watch the trailer and see Bruce Willis asking people to save his daughter for him.

The New Mutants (I’ll Believe It, When I See It)

The year is 2024. COVID-19 has evolved and the first attempt at a vaccine has turned people into zombies. Desolation sweeps cities across the globe as survivors fight to find a true cure and save humanity. Somewhere, in an abandoned building with a team of soldiers fighting to buy them time, a 20th Century Studios employee stands at a computer. “Check out the latest ‘New Mutants’ trailer and get ready for the movie, coming soon!” they tweet. End scene.

What movies have caught your interest? Do you think New Mutants will ever come out? Let us know in the comments or follow us on Twitter for all the latest movie news & previews.

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