Trailer Watch: July 20th – July 24th

by dustin brewer

Megan Fox is hunting lions, “Last Chance U” is back for it’s final (football) season, another look at “Bill & Ted 3”, a(nother) new “New Mutants” trailer and much more in this week’s Trailer Watch!

– via MovieWeb

Rogue (Aug. 28th, VOD)

This trailer does an amazing job in selling this movie and making sure you know exactly what this movie is about. Megan Fox vs Lions and while I watched this trailer like “Ok ‘Rogue’, you have my attention”, I wasn’t prepared for this to happen:

If this scene ends with this character throwing a molotov cocktail into a closed door and accidentally lighting themselves on fire because they stood too close, I think it’s safe to say we can give this movie its’ Academy Awards now.

The Unfamiliar (Aug. 21st, VOD)

Call me crazy but I feel like PTSD is a sensitive topic to base a horror movie around. However, this looks like it will quickly pivot into supernatural territory. Or it’ll be that she was dead the whole time and never came home. This may well be a delicate balancing act but this first look has enough mood and atmosphere to have me interested and cautiously optimistic for sure.

The Weight of Gold (July 29th, HBO)

This looks like it’s going to be insanely interesting and also a gigantic bummer of a watch as we see the curtain pulled back on what exactly is asked of Olympic athletes and what damages the weight of expectations and isolation can cause. That said, it’s a pretty easy decision to make sure I’m tuned in when that premieres.

Last Chance U ( July 28th, Netflix)

Netflix’s hit show about JuCo football will be switching to basketball after this season and it looks like they certainly plan to go out with a bang. More importantly though, how many reps do you think Coach John Beam cranks out in this scene:

Bill & Ted Face the Music (Sept. 1st, VOD & In Theaters)

Delayed sequels aren’t always good (“Dumb and Dumber Too” and “Zoolander 2” come to mind) but so far the two trailers released for this movie have made it seem like they at least have captured the same tone of the first two movies. Keanu Reeves is an ageless (and breathtaking) wonder and the addition of Bill & Ted’s daughters will hopefully make for an interesting twist and a new dynamic for the movie to build on.

Sputnik (Aug. 14th, VOD)

This looks like it could easily be the Russian version of “Alien” except everyone knows that there’s a chestburster in the guy’s stomach just waiting to pop out. That twist kinda flips surprise of “Alien” into a brand new type of tension and if the rest of the trailer is any indication, this will have tension to spare.

Lovecraft Country (Aug. 16th, HBO)

Maximum levels of hype for this one. Easily my most anticipated tv show of the year so far. Much like HBO’s “Watchmen” was able to turn the superhero story into an unbelievably potent and poignant commentary on inequality in American history, this looks primed to do the same for the sci-fi/horror genre.

The New Mutants (?, LOL)

As part of Comic-Con At Home, Marvel dropped yet another look at the much delayed “New Mutants”. This trailer however is the entire opening scene of the movie along with a new release date: August 28th. Which seems a bit lofty given that movie theaters across the country are still a long ways away from re-opening but who knows, maybe Marvel will end up releasing the whole movie in weekly four-minute trailers like this.

Truth Seekers (2020, Amazon Prime Video)

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as bumbling paranormal investigators who stumble onto an actual conspiracy theory is about all I need to know that this is entirely right up my alley. It may not have Edgar Wright at the helm to reunite the whole trio but Pegg & Frost are about as dynamic a comedy duo as you could want.

What movies are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter. And stay tuned for all the latest movie news, reviews, & trailers!

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