Trailer Watch: Aug. 10th – 14th


In this week’s Trailer Watch: Tom Holland & Robert Pattinson square off in “the Devil All the Time”, Robert DeNiro returns with another foray into comedy in “the War with Grandpa”, and much more!

image via Movieweb

The Devil All the Time (Sept. 16th, Netflix)

I’ve been meaning to read the book that this movie is based on for years now but with this type of all star cast assembled, probably safe to say I’ll just watch this 1000 times and call it even. Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Jason Clarke, Bill Skarsgard, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stann, and Haley Bennett. There’s more too but we’ll leave it at that. It doesn’t even matter that the trailer doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and I have no idea what it’s about.

The War with Grandpa (Sept. 18th, VOD)

I was so ready to shit on this as Robert DeNiro making another attempt at raunchy comedy ala “Bad Grandpa” and boy was I surprised when this trailer swerved into being a light-hearted family romp. Throw in Cheech Marin, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, and an unbelievably intense Christopher Walken and there is a very good chance that I’ll be ordering this no matter the cost. (Unless it’s $30 like that “Mulan” remake cause that’s wild).

They Live Inside Us (Oct. 6th, VOD)

There’s no getting around that this looks a bit cliched and the haunted house and writer suffering writer’s block tropes have been used endlessly for decades. However, given writer/director Michael Ballif’s obvious love for the genre, I’m willing to give it more benefit of the doubt than I might for other movies. The idea seems to be that the home is key to manifesting whatever this writer comes up with and that is a fresh enough take on things that I’m more than willing to rent it when it drops. At the very least it’s an acceptable horror movie to start the month of October with and that’s a floor I’m willing to live with.

Lost Girls & Love Hotels (Sept. 18th, VOD)

This looks like “50 Shades of Gray” except it’s Alexandra Daddario instead of Dakota Johnson and they’re in Japan.

Away (Sept. 4th, Netflix)

From the creator of “Friday Night Lights” comes what looks to be an emotional and intense bombardment of feelings and sadness in the form of a show about astronauts that focuses on the emotional toll of being an astronaut and being the family of said astronaut while also reminding you that space is still an unpredictable and anxiety-filled place to set a tv show. I can’t wait to read the reviews for this that are like “I watched all 8 episodes in a night because I tried to stop and sleep and couldn’t.”

Let’s Scare Julia (Oct. 2nd, VOD)

I love a wonderful gimmick in a horror movie and this one is fantastic: shot with a single camera and as one continuous take, the movie will likely be able to ratchet up tension. Whether it sticks the landing or ends up a bit jumbled/formulaic don’t really matter at that point. Genre fans usually love to see people take risks and chances in their filmmaking so I’m sure that this will either be a surprise hit or an instant cult classic, so it’s win-win.

MacGruber: the Series (2021, Peacock TV)

“MacGruber” is easily one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen and I’ve been wanting/waiting for a sequel since it first came out. The news that it’s finally happening and going to be in the form of a TV series is absolutely great. I hope that by being on Peacock TV it won’t be watered down and will be able to be as brash and vulgar and ridiculous as the movie was but I’d like to believe that the cast and crew returning wouldn’t be returning if it was just going to be a cash grab. That’s not Grubes’ style.

What movies or shows are you excited to see? Let us know here in the comments or follow us over on Twitter!

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