The 8 Funniest Moments in Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” Music Video


Filmed at Nike HQ, the new Drake video is everything you’d want and expect from the Champagne Papi. Dustin attempts to go through some of the video’s most memorable moments.

Words like masterpiece often get thrown around far too much these days. But after watching the music video for Drake’s new song “Laugh Now Cry Later”, it’s safe to say that he has given us a masterpiece. Equal parts flex and tongue in cheek, the video strikes just the right balance of ridiculous to keep the fans happy and the haters hating.

The video, filmed at Nike Headquarters out in Beaverton, OR, features a number of impressive celebrity cameos and appearances alongside Drake & Lil Durk. Take a look for yourself and then let’s get into all the absolutely insane moments they packed into the video’s 5 minute runtime.

The Way He Keeps Randomly Popping Up to Say “Baby”

Like 5-6 times throughout the video, he looks directly into the camera to say “Baby” and it killed me every time but these two specifically, just took me out. First, at the start of the video, he turns back and hits you with it. Then, 4 minutes later, he slowly rises out of the water in the pool outside Nike and slowly, inevitably, turns towards the camera once more to let out another soul-piercing “Baby.”

Making Fun of His Reputation as Sensitive

There are a few cuts to this scene throughout the video including one where someone in his group walks in to ask what the hell he’s doing sitting and crying. The sensitive label has stuck with him for years but it’s good to see him embracing it and making fun of himself a bit more. Self-serious Drake is one of the worst Drakes.

Whatever This Route Is

Is there a CB alive who would fall for this? Ok ok, outside of Xavier Rhodes last season. Not to mention that this is how he ends that route and catches a pass from Odell Beckham Jr:

The LeBron Era Draft Fits

Nailed It.

Marshawn Lynch

After Drake performs his OBJ catch, he gets absolutely steam rolled by Beast Mode himself, who then tells him “f*** wrong with you?” It’s gold.

This Face That Will Likely be a Meme Forever Now

Remember when J. Cole said “some rappers make millions and other rappers make memes”? Drake is living, breathing, walking, and talking proof that you can do both things successfully. This video is packed with like a minimum of 1000 potential meme templates and none are better than this one. Just when you thought Drake Laughing Memes were done, he goes and does this.

Riding a Jetski Outside Nike HQ

I didn’t know there was a lake at Nike HQ so when the camera cut to Drizzy just hauling ass across it on a jetski, I can’t lie, I spit my drink out. In a video full of flexes, this may be the biggest of them all.

This KD Dunk

You’d have to hope the Brooklyn Nets gave him the OK on this excursion right? Throughout the video we’re treated to shots of KD & Drake playing 1 on 1, and as crazy as this sounds, it’s the first time we’ve seen Kevin Durant moving on a basketball court against an opponent since he blew out his Achilles’ last year in the NBA Finals vs the Raptors. Anyways, he posterizes Drake and we get this great shot of him smiling directly into the camera as he hangs on the rim. The self awareness all across this video is either at an all-time high or an all-time low and I can’t decide which it is.

Drake has blessed us with some incredible music videos over the years and it’s clear that he’s only going to continue to go bigger and more ridiculous. “Laugh Now Cry Later” may be an average entry into the Drake catalogue but the video is already in a class all by itself.

What’s your favorite moment in the video? Is it your new favorite Drake video or do you have another one? Let us know here in the comments or on our Twitter.

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