The Hefferbrew Podcast: The Clippers Blew a 3-1 Lead

The guys are giving their instant reactions on the Clippers’ Game 7 collapse, what that means for the future of the Clippers as they are currently constructed, and preview the Western & Eastern Conference Finals.

The Clippers Blew a 3-1 Series Lead, Conference Final Predictions the Hefferbrew Podcast

Today Cameron & Dustin link up to talk about the Clippers’ Game 7 collapse against the Nuggets and try to figure out how the series unraveled for them the way it did. They also try to figure out what kind of moves the Clippers may make in the offseason after coming up short, wonder why Kawhi Leonard attempted 0 FTs in all of Game 7, and complain a bit about the officiating for the Playoffs and the Bubble as a whole. 

From there, they break down what they expect from the Lakers/Nuggets WCF and offer initial reactions to the Heat’s Game 1 OT victory over the Celtics & how they think that series may unfold. 

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