Empty Your Queue

Dustin, Cameron, and their friends and family are going through the latest, the greatest, the overlooked, and the criminally underrated movies & shows for you to stream across the seemingly endless number of streaming services to help you find the must-watch movies & shows and weed out the ones you can skip.

"John Carpenter's Vampires" (1998) Empty Your Queue

Cameron's gone rogue! After watching "John Carpenter's Vampires", he decided to grab the equipment and try to record an episode all about the 1998 action-western vampire horror movie. Thanks for listening, consider this the trick, and check your feed tomorrow for an Empty Your Booo treat in the form of our grand finale for the month. Have a safe, happy Halloween. Hosted by Cameron Heffernan Follow Hefferbrew on Social Media: https://linktr.ee/hefferbrew
  1. "John Carpenter's Vampires" (1998)
  2. 105 – "the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror"
  3. 104 – "the Haunting of Hill House" vs. "the Haunting of Bly Manor"
  4. 103 – the Best (& Worst) Horror Movie Remakes
  5. 102 – "Hatchet" (2006)