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What Would You Ask Kyrie Irving on Cameo?- by Dustin Brewer

Cameo is a website where people can pay for celebrities to record short shoutout videos for various occasions. NBA All-Star and new Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving announced Wednesday that he’ll be partnering with Cameo and will be available for fans to purchase video shoutouts from. Dustin looks ahead to the inevitable trolls and disasters this will bring.

Have you wanted to ask Kyrie Irving a question for years? He’s coming to Cameo and the possibilities are endless. (Photo via cameo.com)
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Utterly Fascinating: What About Dwight? – by Sam Accardo

Coming off the All-Star Break (and a great block by Kobe Bryant!), Sam talks about how he became a fan of the Lakers and mentions some thoughts on Dwight Howard not being traded.


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Utterly Fascinating: “The Song Remains the Same” – by Sam Accardo

After the embarrassing loss in Boston, (you win THIS round Cameron Heffernan!) the Lakers are 4 games under .500 and the continuing misadventures of Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant only fuel the media fire while the Lakers struggle to make it to the playoffs.

From espn.com

From espn.com

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Ad Men: The NBA’s jersey ads

With the NBA summer meetings winding down, David Stern and company have made a few changes including expanded replay and advertisements on jerseys. With this information coming to light Cameron takes a look at some advertising opportunities for teams.

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