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Five Quick Thoughts on the ‘Tenet’ Trailer – by Dustin Brewer

Thursday night, fans were treated to a new full-length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s 11th film, “Tenet”. Dustin breaks down some of the most notable moments and wonders what the movie may actually be about.

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The Sky Has Fallen: The Death of James Bond (SPOILERS) – By Gavin Muirhead

The opinion of one man (that the editors of this site don’t agree with) on one of the best Batman Bond films of all-time. And how it’s all been a pack of lies.

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Batman: A retrospective look at a masterpiece – By Cameron Heffernan

With the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Cameron, a true Batman fan-man, looks back at a series of films that brought respectability to comic movies and opened the world to a Batman film some thought not possible, a good one.

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The 5 best Batman (comic book) storylines – By Cameron Heffernan

With “The Dark Knight Rises” only 12-hours away, Cameron, a Batman fan-man (that’s right, I’m a man, not a boy) runs off a list of the five best comic book story lines of The Caped Crusader.

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The 5 Best Comic-Book Films- by Dustin Brewer

In honor of “The Dark Knight Rises,’ Dustin takes a look at some of the best page to screen adaptations that Hollywood has to offer.

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R. Kelly and Batman- By Cameron Heffernan

With the release of the “Dark Knight Rises” just around the corner, Cameron takes a look at one of the more obscure and mind-boggling musical team-ups of R.Kelly and Batman, in the music video  for “Gotham City”, from the illustrious “Batman and Robin”.

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