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Can Any NBA Rookie Other Than Zion Win Rookie of the Year this Season? – by Dustin Brewer

Zion Williamson is having one of the best statistical performances ever in the NBA Preseason. His efficiency is off the charts and he looks like a bully out on the court. While a Rookie of the Year award looks inevitable for him, Dustin goes over a few other rookies in prime position to take advantage should Zion and the Pelicans slip.

All eyes will be on NBA rookie sensation Zion Williamson as he and the Pelicans play 30 primetime games with high expectations for them to perform. (Photo via Sports Illustrated)
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Utterly Fascinating: Denver, the New Home of Speedy Gonzales – By Sam Accardo

After stringing 3 wins together, the Denver Nuggets snapped the Lakers’ win-streak in a 119-108. Just about every player talked about how the Nuggets ran them out of the gym. On every missed shot, rebound, or turnover, the Nuggets had a track meet against the aging Lakers. They couldn’t keep up with Denver, but does that mean the Lakers can’t keep up with the West? I don’t think so.

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A Day of Gifts from the NBA- by Dustin Brewer

Dustin takes a look at the lineup of games the NBA is offering this year on Christmas Day.

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It’s Official: Dwight Howard to the Lakers- by Dustin Brewer

Earlier today, it was announced that the rumored four-team trade that would land Dwight Howard in a Lakers uniform had been completed. Dustin takes a look at the trade and its’ effects on the league.

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