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Hey WWE, Something is Wrong With This Picture- by Dustin Brewer

Dustin writes down a few quick notes and reactions to a recent announcement made regarding WWE’s upcoming controversial pay-per-view event, Crown Jewel.

Photo via @WWENetwork on Twitter
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The Brass Ring Podcast Ep. 6 – Main Event-ception

Cameron, Tyler and a sick Dustin sit down to discuss the Royal Rumble (a week late. Sorry, we had to morn.), the Main Event-ception that occurred on Raw, when a main event was used to decide a main event to decide a main event, HHH on Stone Cold’s podcast, Chyna in the Hall of Fame, NXT, the possible awfulness that may be Fast Lane,  and we experience a few technical difficulties. We also discuss the importance of Girl Scout Cookies.

The Brass Ring Podcast Ep. 5 – Royal Rumble Preview

Cameron and Tyler discuss the Royal Rumble, Raw on Monday, go on a small tangent about safety in wrestling, and remember their favorite moments from Rumble’s past.

The Untimely Push for Heel Punk- by Dustin Brewer

After the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, it’s more apparent than ever that the WWE is aiming to turn its’ champion, CM Punk heel once more. Dustin takes a look at why the idea, while not without merit, is inopportune and what alternatives can be taken.

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Money in the Bank and Wrasslin podcast spectacular

Dustin, Tyler and Cameron sit down to discuss the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the invasion of the country of Big Show for their WMDs, John Cena, the C.M. Punk/A.J./Daniel Bryan love triangle, and the ghost of Owen Hart. Enjoy.

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