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Five Joe Exotic Moments That I Can’t Wait to See Nicolas Cage Re-Enact – by Dustin Brewer

Upon hearing the news that the prolific actor has been tapped to play Joe Exotic in a TV show based on “Tiger King”, Dustin takes a minute to bask in the glory that is sure to come. 

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We Want to Make a Movie With Nicolas Cage

By Dustin Brewer

Attention world: We here at HefferBrew are on a mission: we want to make contact with Nicolas Cage and then work with him to create the greatest movie ever. We’ve got the ideas, read on and then help us make this happen.

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The Never-ending Onslaught of Nicolas Cage- by Dustin Brewer

After the release of the trailer for the new movie “Stolen,” Dustin takes a look at Nicolas Cage’s relentless attack on movie-goers.

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