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CM Punk (sort of) Returns to WWE – by Dustin Brewer

On Tuesday night’s episode of WWE Backstage, the wrestling world was stunned to see former WWE Champion CM Punk make an appearance. Dustin takes a look at the deal that brought Punk back into the WWE Universe.

Photo via wrestling-news.com
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Brock Lesnar Squashes Kofi Kingston, WWE’s Song Remains the Same – by Dustin Brewer

This past Friday we finally got the debut episode of WWE Smackdown on Fox. All eyes were on WWE and how they would translate to a major broadcast network. For many long-time WWE fans, the company’s decision to dethrone WWE Champion Kofi Kingston (and more so the manner in which it happened) shows that the company still has a long way to go.


Here we see a man that travels day in and day out and busts his ass for the WWE. And Brock Lesnar. (Photo via Smackdown on Fox)

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