Oh no! Pennywise is coming again – By Cameron Heffernan

Warner Bros. announces it’s plan to re-imagine Stephen King’s IT, and America collectively shit it’s pants.

Warner Bros. announced a new adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”, although no details have come forward in terms of casting, Director Cary Fukunaga (Jane Erye, Sin Nombre) is set to take the helm on this one. I ask this one question. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THEY MAGICALLY DECIDE THAT “IT” IS THE ANWSER AND THEY NEED TO REMAKE THAT TERRIFYING MADE-FOR-TV-FILM?

‘It’ was a 1,138 page novel that in 1990 had a TV adaptation starring Tim Curry (the creepiest performance of his life aside from Rocky Horror) and John Ritter (big ups, RIP). It is frustrating knowing that Hollywood is hard-up for remakes, but this one comes from left field. ‘IT’ is only a giant ass alien-spider that hangs out in the sewers of Derry, Maine trying to kill little kids and the little kids who defeated it before are now back, after like 30-years, to fight ‘IT’ once again. I know, I know this all sounds like big time blockbuster material, not really, ‘IT’ as good as it is a novel isn’t something, I at least don’t think, that movie goers are even going to care when  it comes out, and not only that but didn’t it take most of the children who saw that menacing performance by Curry at least 20-years now to get the fear of clowns, especially ones named Pennywise out of our heads,I sure as shit know I still haven’t gotten over that damn clown and now they want to dump this shit on us. It always seems that  Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

And honestly who’s really given a shit about a Stephen King Adaptation since Pet Cemetery .

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