2K Sports Release a Closer Look at the Animation Process for NBA 2K13

The third in a series of “Developer Insider” videos regarding the upcoming NBA 2K13 from developer 2K Sports has just been released, check out how they were able to create such realistic renderings of your favorite players!

It seems 2K Sports devoted a lot of attention to the tiny details, the ones fans enjoy nitpicking the most. Using over 4,000 animations, the animation team sought to fill the spaces in movements and motions, when Chris Paul bites on a fake (it’s rare, but hey, it happens) no longer can he just recover and still get the steal, instead, he will complete the full motion and stumble a bit.

Players will also see more continuity in the animations as the days of the ball floating around their players’ hand, you’ll see them palm the ball. When LeBron James throws down a monster dunk, you’ll feel the resistance of the rim as it tries not to shatter.

2K also used extensive facial mapping to recreate in-game expressions, including the terrifying scowl of Kevin Garnett.

Motion capture also played a critical role in getting the movements and motions accurate to help create a more fluid experience as opposed to the clunkier stumbles from an all-computer development.

The game looks to deliver even more variations of layups and dunks as well as even more realism with contacts, stumbles and fakes in their quest to bring the fans the truest NBA experience possible.

Keep checking out HefferBrew for all the latest news on NBA 2K13 and all things 2K Games, like NBA2K on Facebook for more exclusive insight. NBA 2K13 releases October 2 in the U.S. and October 3 everywhere else. 

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